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Bedouin Song

FROM the Desert I come to thee
On a stallion shod with fire;
And the winds are left behind
In the speed of my desire.

The Song Of The Camp

“GIVE us a song!” the soldiers cried,
The outer trenches guarding,
When the heated guns of the camps allied

The Return Of The Goddess

Not as in youth, with steps outspeeding morn,
And cheeks all bright from rapture of the way,
But in strange mood, half cheerful, half forlorn,

America: From The National Ode, July 4, 1876

FORESEEN in the vision of sages,
Foretold when martyrs bled,
She was born of the longing of ages,
By the truth of the noble dead

Storm Song

The clouds are scudding across the moon;
A misty light is on the sea;
The wind in the shrouds has a wintry tune,
And the foam is flying free.

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James Bayard Taylor was an American poet, literary critic, translator, and travel author.

Life and Work

He was born on January 11, 1825, in Kennett Square in Chester County, Pennsylvania. He was the fourth son, first to live to maturity, of Joseph and Rebecca (née Way) Taylor. His father was a well-to-do farmer and young Bayard receiv ...

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