James Harris Poems

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The Child's Protection

Little girl, little girl what did you see?
A thing of horror chasing after me
Little girl little girl were you not scared?
More than I thought I could possibly bear

Things I Can'T Say Out Loud

Perhaps in the past I was a bit to shy
Amazed by the beauty of your face
Your smile reminds me of the bright sky
Every movement you have filled with grace

My Path Of Life

It seems that I spend too much time running from my life
Avoiding every rocky road or path that might have strife
Constantly at odds with the man I was supposed to be
When I look upon that supposed man I turn around and flee


How I long to hear gasps of air between some breathy sighs
For my fingers to dance up and down upon your silken thighs
Let me caress across your midsection with the petals of a rose
From there we can both imagine where the evening goes

Beautiful Girl

Look there at that beautiful girl
The one with the sweet golden curls
I think she just shot me that look
I think she has me upon her hook.

The Last Round

A last dropp of wine my old friend
I fear I shan't see you again
I almost love you like a wife
For you mean so much to my life

Sentimental Friends

I swear I have known you two longer than this
Like we have all been apart of each others dreams
There was something in my life that was amiss
Before we met things were going down stream

Unbroken Friends

When I think of what we all went through
How we formed bonds that hold like glue
Friendships that have lasted to this very day
Though some of us at times have gone astray

Through The Crowd

A sweet smile from green eyes is all I ask
Smile and eyes that flash at me
I pray that my heart can handle the task
When that beauteous woman I do see

Former Friend

You're not the person that you think you are,
Your light does not shine at all like a star.
You are quite cruel, quite petty and mean,
Your very presence to me is completely obscene.

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