James Harris

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James Harris Poems

1. A Touch Of Melancholy 1/24/2012
2. The Prudish Minstrel 1/24/2012
3. My Favorite Tree 1/25/2012
4. The Imaginary Panda 1/25/2012
5. The Last Man Of The Battle 2/2/2012
6. Time Sees 2/7/2012
7. The Small Pleasures 2/10/2012
8. Cruel Smiles 2/12/2012
9. The Basest Instinct 2/13/2012
10. For Molly (A Dear Friend) 2/20/2012
11. There Is This One Lass 2/21/2012
12. A Broken Pair (A Friend To Both) 2/23/2012
13. What The Heart Wants 2/25/2012
14. Take My Hand 2/28/2012
15. Four Lines Of Love 5/15/2012
16. A Very Special Lady 4/9/2016
17. Desire 2/13/2018
18. The Love You Deserve 2/13/2018
19. Nothing More, Nothing Less 2/13/2018
20. Unseen Comrade 2/17/2012
21. The Last Gasp 2/8/2012
22. A Pleasant Stroll 2/8/2012
23. Unbroken Friends 2/10/2012
24. Seven Lines Of Sorrow 2/7/2012
25. Through The Crowd 1/25/2012
26. Cindi's Birthday Present 2/1/2012
27. Former Friend 1/24/2012
28. The Last Round 1/25/2012
29. Sentimental Friends 2/15/2012
30. Beautiful Girl 1/31/2012
31. My Path Of Life 2/17/2012
32. Frustration 2/18/2012
33. Things I Can'T Say Out Loud 2/20/2012
34. The Child's Protection 2/7/2012

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Best Poem of James Harris

The Child's Protection

Little girl, little girl what did you see?
A thing of horror chasing after me
Little girl little girl were you not scared?
More than I thought I could possibly bear

He was a man about oh so high
I swear I came just to his thigh
I knew he was off, not quite right
I was chilled by him at first sight

He wore a hat that covered his gaze
And weaves lies like some kind of maze
The kind you can end up lost in for days
All things around him reeks and decays

He looks upon children with a sick grin
Like looking upon us is his kind of sin
The evil ...

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A Touch Of Melancholy

One sits here now staring at the wall
Wondering aloud at the point of it all
People always talk, I hear what they say
Do they not know I wish they'd go away?

I swear that I used to actually be cheery
But how people talk just makes me leary
They talk and they chatter making me mad
If they were to die I'd doubt I'd be sad

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