James T. Abel Adesitimi

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James T. Abel Adesitimi Poems

1. Letter To My Pastor 1/15/2012
2. The Journey Of Success 1/16/2012
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5. Poetribute 3/23/2012
6. I Cry 6/30/2012
7. The World Of No Peaceful Rest 1/1/2012
8. Kingdom Race 1/4/2012
9. June 12 7/7/2012
10. Why? 7/7/2012
11. Fate 7/8/2012
12. Stiil I'Ll Love Poetry 7/11/2012
13. What Is Love? 7/18/2012
14. Arewa! (Beautiful Belle) 7/19/2012
15. Master's Call Part 1 8/2/2012
16. Let Me Ask Myself These Questions 8/3/2012
17. You Threw My Heart On Thorns 8/3/2012
18. Hold Me Tight Tonight 8/4/2012
19. Master's Call Part 2 8/7/2012
20. 'Autobiography' Little About Me. 8/19/2012
21. Never Under-Estimate The Power Of Any Poet 8/24/2012
22. Women And Love 9/19/2012
23. Rachel! 9/25/2012
24. At 52 10/2/2012
25. He Died For Us To Live 10/2/2012
26. I Will Rise 10/8/2012
27. 'We Shall Vote With Our Consciences' 10/19/2012
28. My Song Of Sorrow Part 1 10/24/2012
29. Africa, I Were The One You Killed 10/26/2012
30. They Say 11/8/2012
31. Night 11/26/2012
32. Remember Me 1/8/2013
33. She's More Than Gold 1/13/2013
34. Market Of Rapture 8/17/2013
35. Disobedience 5/20/2016
36. Chuch Goer 11/2/2012
37. I'M In The World! 1/15/2012
38. War In Her Wedding Gown 10/2/2012
39. A Letter To My Motherland! 8/15/2012
40. Slavery Is Freedom 7/7/2012
Best Poem of James T. Abel Adesitimi

Beauty Also Is Not Beautiful

The beauty of a grave
Beneath maggot reigning
The beauty of the brave
oh! Hills of self depending
The beauty of a lady
Men large lake of lust
Where their homes fell in melancholy
The beauty of being trust
Reverse opposite in character
The beauty of being on throne
Manager with great damager
Disease in masses back-bone
The beauty of being loyal to one's land
All in peace but treason during pieces
O the beauty of the world
Earth of ocean of damages
Beauty also not beautiful
But my rhyme is meaningful.

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I'M In The World!

I'm in the world where hope dies.
I'm in the world where truth cries
I'm in the world where lie laughs I'm in the world where love is blind
I'm in the world where hatred is not hard to find
I'm in the world where all fingers aren't equal
I'm in the world where challenges is won by worrior
I'm in the world where opinions aren't in one uniform
I'm in the world where poeple wear different uniform.
I'm in the world where sex is taken for

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