James Walter Orr Poems

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Right Love, Wrong Time

You come to me because you say you need me.
I come because I cannot stay away.
You weep with me because our love was thwarted.
I weep with you because you cannot stay.

Weasel Infestation

The weasels run, a mighty herd
Of charging little beasts.
They're waiting on King Weasel
To call them to their feast.

The Seamstress

Her gray head bows, and in the lamps dim glow,
with steady hand she sticks the end of thread
toward needles eye, but bushy, raveled end
declines to go. She makes another try

Shadows Of Separation


I call to you across the miles,
those empty miles which lie between

Can I Reach You?

When I'm crushed between the debris
of the cold, hard rocks of space
and the end of time
and I know I'll never be free

Love's Disciple

In ages past, when the evening star
shone down from an azure sky,
it carried warmth from the goddess of love:
love shone from her twinkling eye.

Irresistible Time

Deep and solemn tolls the midnight bell.
The moon begins its slow descent, to sink,
Behind the steeply rising western hills,
And yet I lie in bed, awake, to think.


While waves of passion lap the shore,
I plumb the depths of Eros' lake
And drink it dry, and look for more:
Oh God! , that this desire might slake

The Way Things Are

I have to this, I have to that;
What makes me think I must?
I cannot take the time to chat,
Much less escape the thrust

Alien's Journey

I came to earth, from a distant star,
And alien point of view.
I walk this earth as I did afar,
And I search for what is true.

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