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My head is full of 'something',
I wonder if I'll burst-
I get the weidest feeling
That somehow I've been cursed.

I think I am losing my mind.
My thoughts and feelings
Are crowding

Warrington, the sixties.

When my children cry boredom
I look back and see

Each dark night
I lie cold and alone
Watching raindrops fall:
Never-ending tears of lovers

She's beautiful and bubbly
And mixes easily
Her warmth descends on anyone
That her green eyes might see.

I'm drawn by the spirits
Of long-ago souls
To stairwells that spiral
Through claustraphobic holes

This silence is eerie
The sickly stench of desecration
Catches in my throat
Your tiny coats still swinging

Imagine that I am a candle-
Look into my flame:
Although my beauty tempts you
To me it's just a game.

But I saw you.
Through the chink in the curtain
When I almost didn't look
And the curtain blew

Know what?
You've changed.
Used to be a laugh
Now it's

Dinosaurs in the breadbin,
Fish fingers in the loo -
If you had to live in our house,
You'd be crazy too!

Beneath a room
Where cherubs slept
You lay

Solid strong and steadfast
But quiet and cold, I wait:
My flowered walls call out to you
To walk in through my gate.

Rows and rows of boxes
All of them the same
With rooms and rooms of people
Each without a name

I've had my share of lovers
Passionate or cool
Excitable or brooding

Through the open window
My arms reach out
Past curtains that quiver;
Where the sky is darkening to midnight blue-black.

Figment Man
Back where you came
Whaddya look like
Don't know your name

They met again by chance
And in a split second
The years had vanished
A polite handshake doing nothing to cool the fire

I am sleeping when the tremors begin.
Stronger and stronger they grow
The soft wet walls closing in on me and out again.
I am afraid.

My numbers are there - I 'm a millionaire!
What shall I do with the money?
One minute in hock, the next in deep shock -
Being wealthy feels ever so funny.

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Hi! I'm a single mum of four, and my children are now all between 16 and 25 years old.I always wrote poetry and short stories as a child, then wrote quite a lot of poetry in my 30 s, having about 24 pieces published in anthologies. I then struggled to find the time and put it all on the back burner for a while.Ive recently decided its time to put pen to paper once more, so I'd very much appreciate any comments you may have on reading my work. Thankyou all! jane)

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The Literary Curse

My head is full of 'something',
I wonder if I'll burst-
I get the weidest feeling
That somehow I've been cursed.
I feel it brimming over
Into ever-increasing surges
And know I must make sense of
These strange creative urges.
They ooze out onto paper
To relieve a frantic mind,
So many thoughts deciphered
Into words I have to find.
Outbreak turns to outlet
And a gradual release
Of emotions somehow channelled
Into a literary piece.
The tremors are subsiding
I'm in remission, I know it
From this sickness, the price I pay
For being born A POET!

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