Jasmine Aira

Jasmine Aira Poems

1. I Use To Be The Wolf 9/22/2008
2. Look At Our Thumbs 9/23/2008
3. I'M Not 100% 9/23/2008
4. Cats Are Here For.. 4/13/2008
5. Starring At Me 4/12/2008
6. The Better Friend 11/3/2010
7. Catch The Kiss 9/23/2008
8. Can'T Be Friends 11/1/2010
9. The Dream Boy 9/22/2008
10. E-E-E-Mail I Got Mail 6/25/2008
11. Not All Emotions Are What They Seem 6/25/2008
12. My Choice Of My Lips 4/11/2008
13. Lift Up Your Shoe 4/19/2008
14. Give Me Everything 4/19/2008
15. Ice Cream Hair 4/12/2008
16. The Cool Cat 9/23/2008
17. ' New Girl ' 4/11/2008
18. Teacher Says, Teacher Goes 9/23/2008
Best Poem of Jasmine Aira

Teacher Says, Teacher Goes

Teacher says,
teacher goes,
teacher smiles,
teacher knows,

what you have done,
was clearly a mistake,
maybe it is,
time for a break.

Teacher says,
teacher goes,
teacher smiles,
teacher knows,

that you have been naughty.
That you have been quite foughty.
That you are being rude,
don't call teacher a dude.

Teacher says,
teacher goes,
teacher smilies,
teacher know,

that you were making faces,
behind teachers back,
that you were throwing spitballs,
at the teacher's pet.

Teacher says, ...

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My Choice Of My Lips

Shiney Pearl lips
Chocolate chip lips
Dimand crisp lips
Rockin' blitz lips
Sparkly Pink lips
Kissable Lips
Twinkie Lips
Yummy lips
Lip Stick red lips

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