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1. I Feel 11/25/2007
2. Tired 11/25/2007
3. Wondering 12/3/2007
4. Help 1/2/2008
5. Lost Lonely Girl 1/8/2008
6. Alone 1/8/2008
7. Prison 1/11/2008
8. Secrets 1/12/2008
9. In My Dreams 1/14/2008
10. Thoughts 1/15/2008
11. Voice 1/16/2008
12. Fadeing 1/16/2008
13. Mask 2/15/2008
14. My Own 2/22/2008
15. Memory 6/14/2008
16. I Know 6/20/2008
17. Love 6/29/2008
18. With You 4/5/2008
19. Suicide Love 8/22/2008
20. Being In Love 8/2/2008
21. You You You 1/16/2008
22. The One 3/3/2008
23. Goodbye 3/19/2008
24. Self-Injury 1/12/2008
25. Sorry 12/3/2007
26. My Twist On Jack And Jill 4/5/2008
27. I Love This Song 12/19/2007
28. Pain 11/29/2007

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The One

a young teen mother 4months pregnant she feels so scared
beacuse theres no one there the father left her so now shes
on welfare shes just so sad and blue people always say she
never sees things through so she just lays in her bed thinking
of her life wanting it to end but in a split second she
feels something kick and for the first time she feels bliss
and a smile comes apon her face and she thinks to herself
this is my baby my little bundle of joy and with that thought
a gentle tear escapes her she just wishes she could share
this joy with the one person who used ...

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i'm tired of hiding all my pain and sorrow from everyone i love
why cant i just be myself why cant they love me for me
i'm tired of holding back all my tears when i just want to cry
i'm tired of pretending to be happy when im in so much pain
i'm tired of looking in the mirror and not likeing what i see
i just wish for one day i could be happy with myself
i'm tired of feeling like nobody cares about me
and i'm tired of liveing this life that i dont want to live
but nobody understands tha