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It is not I that writes, but my heart...Taken by an angel my soul yearns only to feel once more. As time eludes us my heart bleeds a love for which words can never describe. For they alone my heart speaks...

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Broken Pieces

My eyes close, you fill my mind
I lay back, you are not behind.
Sorrow fills my saddened soul
My only wish for us to be whole.


A gentle breeze upon my face.
Take me from this wretched place.
Away so far I wish to go.
Where we end I care not know.


A breeze passes by it warms my skin
Like a fire in winter I glow from within
A breeze passes by it relaxes me
Whispers at my ear beg to be free

My Choice!

What in this world shall become of me
Life floats past in this treacherous sea
Good must come if we speak no lies
Please listen close just hear the cries

To Lose You...

Gone away out of my world
This star once shown so bright
Flickering now will it fade way
Only time knows for alone we sit

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Romeo Della Valle 21 August 2009

Mi Amor, you are in the right track, this is just the beginning of a long journey...keep it up, proud of you, hasta luego amiga, Love and Peace, Romeo

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