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1. Still You Knew 10/29/2008
2. Let The Blindman Lead 10/30/2008
3. Part Of The Act 11/18/2008
4. The Corporate Castaway 12/9/2008
5. Something’s Are So Broken 4/5/2009
6. My Revolution 4/8/2009
7. The Merchant Of Feelings 7/14/2009
8. Sermon By The Smoke 5/23/2011
9. Silent Cry 5/23/2011
10. The Day Of Moonlight 5/23/2011
11. In View Of A Loss 9/24/2011
12. Secrets Of The Night 9/24/2011
13. Onam Memories 9/24/2011
14. The Green Patch 9/24/2011
15. A Consolation For My Ego 9/24/2011
16. Puppets Dont Have A Say 1/21/2009
17. Midnight Reflections 11/11/2008
18. Play The Fool 7/28/2008
19. Neo Judas 10/14/2008
20. When My Mother Cries 10/23/2008
21. The Last Lullaby 10/25/2008
22. Gods Do Cry 7/28/2008
23. A Quantum Of Solace 9/24/2011
24. Lets Go With A Smile 12/3/2008
25. The Better Player 1/21/2009
26. My Repentance 3/25/2009
27. *my Better Half 4/27/2009
28. Forsaken 7/28/2008
29. Derivative Of Love 5/23/2011
30. A Path's Logic 5/23/2011
31. Rigid Realities 12/19/2008
32. An Ode To My Women 12/30/2008
33. Its Her Birthday 5/23/2011
34. Happy Birthday Angel 4/23/2009
35. A Girl's Questionnaire To God 12/8/2008
36. Death Of Envy 10/4/2008
37. I, Blind 10/4/2008
38. Funeral March 5/23/2011
39. A Poem To My Shadow 12/8/2008
40. A Wife For The Nightfall 10/4/2008

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A Vampire’s Dilemma

Motion eludes my conscience
Sublime realities dawn
Dark figures in the ocean
Signal a chaotic retreat motion
Breadcrumbs lead to nowhere
Maps look the same from all angles
Hell! This is a love triangle
Bare bodies of deceit
Surround a soul elite
Walking uphill fear is my only partner
Not of a failure below but
The notion of success above

Freud’s dream I do not care
For my dreams I no longer share
Yoke yellow sun smoothes my eyes
This dawn but will surely dusk
My night, my love u will surely come

Rainbows on bubbles look real

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Is being alive a sin?
Is being born a sin?
The answer for all, by all, No
Then why the distinction, the mark?
Not on color nor on creed
For the answer so clear yet unspoken
The forsaken are born with death, lurking
In their blood, flowing to keep them alive

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