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1. Still You Knew 10/29/2008
2. Let The Blindman Lead 10/30/2008
3. Part Of The Act 11/18/2008
4. The Corporate Castaway 12/9/2008
5. Something’s Are So Broken 4/5/2009
6. My Revolution 4/8/2009
7. The Merchant Of Feelings 7/14/2009
8. Sermon By The Smoke 5/23/2011
9. Silent Cry 5/23/2011
10. The Day Of Moonlight 5/23/2011
11. In View Of A Loss 9/24/2011
12. Secrets Of The Night 9/24/2011
13. Onam Memories 9/24/2011
14. The Green Patch 9/24/2011
15. A Consolation For My Ego 9/24/2011
16. Puppets Dont Have A Say 1/21/2009
17. Midnight Reflections 11/11/2008
18. Play The Fool 7/28/2008
19. Neo Judas 10/14/2008
20. When My Mother Cries 10/23/2008
21. The Last Lullaby 10/25/2008
22. Gods Do Cry 7/28/2008
23. A Quantum Of Solace 9/24/2011
24. Lets Go With A Smile 12/3/2008
25. The Better Player 1/21/2009
26. My Repentance 3/25/2009
27. *my Better Half 4/27/2009
28. Forsaken 7/28/2008
29. Derivative Of Love 5/23/2011
30. A Path's Logic 5/23/2011
31. Rigid Realities 12/19/2008
32. An Ode To My Women 12/30/2008
33. Its Her Birthday 5/23/2011
34. Happy Birthday Angel 4/23/2009
35. A Girl's Questionnaire To God 12/8/2008
36. Death Of Envy 10/4/2008
37. I, Blind 10/4/2008
38. Funeral March 5/23/2011
39. A Poem To My Shadow 12/8/2008
40. A Wife For The Nightfall 10/4/2008

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A Vampire’s Dilemma

Motion eludes my conscience
Sublime realities dawn
Dark figures in the ocean
Signal a chaotic retreat motion
Breadcrumbs lead to nowhere
Maps look the same from all angles
Hell! This is a love triangle
Bare bodies of deceit
Surround a soul elite
Walking uphill fear is my only partner
Not of a failure below but
The notion of success above

Freud’s dream I do not care
For my dreams I no longer share
Yoke yellow sun smoothes my eyes
This dawn but will surely dusk
My night, my love u will surely come

Rainbows on bubbles look real

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Death Of Envy

Look at you, my Angelfire.
Now you are neither angel nor fire
Like a lost piece of an intricate jigsaw
There you lay having none for a clue
Why to ground stuck you were, as if with glue
I know you will never rise again.
I know you will never race again
I know you will never be rife again
Forget not but one, me

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