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Motion eludes my conscience
Sublime realities dawn
Dark figures in the ocean
Signal a chaotic retreat motion

In a palanquin of illusions
The winds passed me by
Dragging the veil of your fragrance
Singing songs unheard

Like the silent burn of my lit cigarette,
Growing ever so bright, fueled by its own death,
She was there waiting for whom, I know not
Like the fumes of my lit cigarette,

As I walk the path,
I see its ahead of me,
It is also behind me.
I have seen it now.

The shadows play hide and seek
Dreams are too timid
Sandman shows no clemency
Sleep is a captive princess in the stone castle

i will rise again.
into the state of perpetual zen
from the ashes to the flame.
from just a name,

If only the world was all love and happiness
Like tides rose and fell
Never a sign of sorrow
The paths of light never narrow

For you tonight I pen
The saddest poem I ever wrote
With feelings for you remote
My cries muffled by pillow of ego

I saw her in that red light street corner
Dim red lights highlighted the room, most part of her life too.
Smell of stained notes plagued her hands.
They clothed her each night in robes,

Walk aside me my silhouette, for I am alone
Drown me in your tears, for I cease to feel
Blind me with your love for I saw too much
in his mock show of a life; I lost

march my soldiers march!
today is that day
feel like its you who died
for the best of us has left

Shed on me no light, for blindness to me; is dear.
Throw me no favours, for I love being cripple,
Enlighten me not, for ignorance in me is bliss
Remind me not, of my appalling past for I live it

Look at you, my Angelfire.
Now you are neither angel nor fire
Like a lost piece of an intricate jigsaw
There you lay having none for a clue

I hope that it is mist, but they say mist clears,
I hope it is smoke, but they say it fades of
I hope its it is a drug, but they say it wears off
I hope its night, but they say a day always succeds it

Candle flames dance
Soft wax melts
The room is semi lit
My heart skips a beat

staring out of the loony bin
her eyes wander the lifeless moor
as she twists her arms, mobility none
the chains on her ankles in moonlight shone

Is the wind humming a silent melody?
Birds I see are flying south,
Brandy seeks her way into my numb fingers
My cottage roads feel heavy

As I walk the path,
I see its ahead of me,
It is also behind me.
I have seen it now.

Roses prick my conscience

The music pains my ears

Is being alive a sin?
Is being born a sin?
The answer for all, by all, No
Then why the distinction, the mark?

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i walk a lonely road, an i am happy that way an this is all anyone needs to know. its the path of zen that chooses you...not the other way around)

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A Vampire’s Dilemma

Motion eludes my conscience
Sublime realities dawn
Dark figures in the ocean
Signal a chaotic retreat motion
Breadcrumbs lead to nowhere
Maps look the same from all angles
Hell! This is a love triangle
Bare bodies of deceit
Surround a soul elite
Walking uphill fear is my only partner
Not of a failure below but
The notion of success above

Freud’s dream I do not care
For my dreams I no longer share
Yoke yellow sun smoothes my eyes
This dawn but will surely dusk
My night, my love u will surely come

Rainbows on bubbles look real
But its life so surreal
The virgin silence succumbs
To the fumbling freshmen of morning sounds
A dead radio humming , a sleeping engine roars
The First birds have started the day
The perfect man has started to pray
For yet another meaningless day
Only to end it and say
Goodnight, to his women, who aside him lay
The seek of night so gray
While The seekers of day burns hay
In dreams of day they crave
One more night to sleep
One more day to hope
For yet another night’s sleep

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