Javier Campos Poems

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Castrated, they explore the universe of the house,
Indiscernible during the most unexpected hours of the day
Nearly somnambulists, they doze from the treacherous cold

Carpe Diem

There’s no longer even one of Carpe Diem’s rosebuds for you and me,
time made it into dust, and nothing;

I don’t know where your youth or beauty might wander now,

The Last Photograph

That girl you see
in the corner of the picture
was you
when someone told you to smile

The Young Poet

Many centuries ago I too was a young poet
I wrote about hopeless love affairs I surely had
about the life I spent in warm places
or snowy ones


I wasn’t at Woodstock in August 1969
among these peaceful green hills
a summer day about this same time
when it rained three days straight and all that wet

The Angel

There will always be someone who’ll offer you a hand
and who’ll leave you at the edge of the abyss
or at the door of a well-lit house
or in the only forest where unimaginable pain

Messages From Space For My Children


What are you going put on this sunny morning?
A dress with birds and polka dots?

It’s Hot In The San Joaquin Valley At 5 In The Afternoon

It’s hot in the San Joaquin valley at 5 in the afternoon
It’s a dream in flames
A banner in embers that comes down from the mountains

The First Letter From The Astronaut

It's ages since I've been
Walking in this unknown valley
I'm the moon-colored character in a silent film
Who climbs in slow motion down from his space ship

The Last Letter Of The Astronaut

I will always be the swallow who returns in flames
The one who lives locked up in this ship of forgetting
Who needs to fly in the forest of your house
And from there to emigrate dejected to the garden on the moon

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