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Javier Campos is a poet and a fiction writer. Originally from Chile. He thinks he is a writer from Latin America who lives in another country so his poetry or his fiction has the mixture of that condition. It is the same condition of many writers who must live in others places far away from his/her original 'home'.

He also is a regular colu ...

Javier Campos Poems


Castrated, they explore the universe of the house,
Indiscernible during the most unexpected hours of the day
Nearly somnambulists, they doze from the treacherous cold

Carpe Diem

There’s no longer even one of Carpe Diem’s rosebuds for you and me,
time made it into dust, and nothing;

I don’t know where your youth or beauty might wander now,

The Last Photograph

That girl you see
in the corner of the picture
was you
when someone told you to smile

The Young Poet

Many centuries ago I too was a young poet
I wrote about hopeless love affairs I surely had
about the life I spent in warm places
or snowy ones


I wasn’t at Woodstock in August 1969
among these peaceful green hills
a summer day about this same time
when it rained three days straight and all that wet

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