Jay Bradley

Rookie (Eschenbach in der Oberpfalz)

Jay Bradley Poems

1. An Agnostic's Hymn 9/13/2011
2. Madonna 9/13/2011
3. Random Nonsense 9/13/2011
4. All Roads Lead To Aurora 9/13/2011
5. The Glossy End Of New Adventure 9/13/2011
6. Our Ghosts Rich In Health 9/13/2011
7. Island In A Dream 9/13/2011
8. It Is, We Are 9/13/2011
9. Ramble Ramble 9/13/2011
10. The Words I Heard 9/13/2011
11. The Cut 9/13/2011
12. Winter's Song 9/13/2011
13. On The Surface And Under 9/13/2011
14. The Blues, The Jazz, The City 9/16/2011
15. The Dove 9/21/2011
16. Hollywood Dowry 9/21/2011
17. Whatever, Where Ever 9/19/2011
18. Coffee Shop Caffeine Buzz 9/21/2011
19. You Can'T Walk Away From The Greatest Show On Earth 9/21/2011
20. Lonely Angel On Hallow Ground 9/15/2011
21. Bare Trees And Dead Leaves 9/13/2011
22. Mary 9/13/2011
23. What The Captain Said 9/13/2011
24. The Whimper 9/13/2011
25. So Sayeth The Sage 9/13/2011
26. Yours, The Sweetest I Know 9/16/2011
27. Angelfish Memories 9/13/2011
28. The Moon's Lullaby 9/21/2011
29. Gesicht 9/16/2011
30. Athena 9/13/2011

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Best Poem of Jay Bradley


I can't forget the song of yesterday, her eyes,
Never to be seen by mine, wont yet shalln't define,
Blessed Athena perched, mayhap a serpent in twine,
Blisters her hair in shine, ember as the flame cries;

Memoria I see her, ponder I the name,
To pray Athena a gift, dampened by the rain,
Her ancient mask not defaced, hides away the pain,
Never to be saved again, I the one to blame;

Such misty air repletes her, mountain peaks do glow,
When snowy robes complete her, siren on the shore,
Who snickers silent secrets, cause of man's deplore,
Born of...

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As I descend to dungeons, I am uplifted,
Though pain I feel surreal, my sound soul need not conceal,
No thirst there to bind me, no need for hearth and meal,
No guilt to hide, just the songs I've been so gifted;

Lo t'is the master's keep, she strains our eyes from sleep,
Her kiss steals the day, rise in passion rise in blame,
Though she whips our spirits, her hand a torrent flame,
My mind absolved from sin, my eyes they never weep;

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