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Don’t know her name
But whenever I see her
Always with a laughing face,
Sitting beneath the shadow of

My heart is a temple
Blessed with the presence of
God always
With each drop of my tears

Oh time
You walk always
In front of me
In your crawling shadow

Love is immortal
That was my concept
As the mono pole
Of magnet our mind

A lunatic always laughs
Seldom cries
A lunatic always walks towards
Seldom walks backwards

I lost the rhythm of my heart beat
I lost my vision of the eyes
I lost the flexibility of my tongue

Enjoying the fragrance spreading from
The yellow flowers of my bitter guard plants
And looking at the greenery of my paddy fields
Every day I take a morning walk

No colorful dreams
No school days
No toys to play
No difference

Dewdrops glimmer on the meadow
Experiencing the great joy and happiness
Let your heart glimmer
In love and happiness

Perhaps I am only a grass
Living on the top of this hill
Trees here may think
They are taller than me


Someone thinks
Life is pleasant
Someone thinks
Life is horrible

My parents think
My life is a waste
My friends think
My life is a waste

Ram is mad
My village people thinks
They never talk to him
He spends much time

Two kids of nearby
Fight for fun
But one of them
Wounded accidently


Dreams are flowers
That blossom in a
Fertile mind with
Unique beauty and fragrance

The last night
Broken sleep
Mixed with
Dreams and nightmare

I do not know their name
But they are my guest always
At every monsoon
Soon after the first shower falls

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Laughing Lady

Don’t know her name
But whenever I see her
Always with a laughing face,
Sitting beneath the shadow of
A large oak tree, on a wheelchair,
Doing painting on canvas mostly
Rarely with making garlands in gems
At first rarely we meet each other
But gradually it becomes one
Of my routine to walk on the way
Beside her house only just to see her
Nowadays I am very eager to know,
But no way, did she make one time
Even, paint my face on her canvas
Or in her heart, I don’t know.

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Etcetera Rose 09 August 2013

Jayanchandran is a poet extraordinaire...the best in the woirld! ! he is talent supreme and hgis words are lvoe personified..

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