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Laughing Lady

Rating: 4.5

Don’t know her name
But whenever I see her
Always with a laughing face,
Sitting beneath the shadow of
A large oak tree, on a wheelchair,
Doing painting on canvas mostly
Rarely with making garlands in gems
At first rarely we meet each other
But gradually it becomes one
Of my routine to walk on the way

Beside her house only just to see her
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a touching poem applicable to all sometime

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Dinesan Madathil 08 July 2013

You have accomplished your task of finding her out and you are indeed obsessed with her. Now you may go ahead with your optimism that she too loves/will love you and it is now up to her to decide whether she deserves you or will begin to paint your face on her canvas.. Why she is a 'laughing lady' is intriguing to me yet

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Edward Kofi Louis 22 December 2015

Laughter heals the heart! Nice work.

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Erratic and enigmatic. Good one!

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Dinesan Madathil 09 July 2013

Shahziaji, Still I feel the title Laughing Lady does not suit it well. Your reading into the poem is quite deep and your explanation is satisfactory. But, I believe the poet has to explain the thing even though ha too can interpret on your track.

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Ramesh Rai 09 July 2013

despite of her life full of sorrows she is always laughing (as i painted in one of my poem I ALWAYS LAUGH) because she has nothing to think for herself. a beautiful sketch.

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Shahzia Batool 09 July 2013

The question asked by Dinesh Nair forced me to find out the answer, and i saw she is a laughing lady because she is fighting for life, so despite staying on a wheel-chair, she continues to emit the rays and signs of life by painting and recreating life on her canvas by putting a laughing face, (perhaps, that could be a smiling face too...but to be back to the poet's imagination/observation) , so like everyman, every strong man she is a fighter lady and she knows being an invalid does not mean to stay in bed and lead a patient's dependent life, thus the laughing face is an extra weapon at her disposal in her fight with life, so she is a laughing lady...yet, one thing is intriguing to me too, that in his merely a passers by acquaintance, the pace is quite rapid that he does not know her name but wants his portrait painted by her on her canvas/heart! ! ! as a poem, it's pleasing to read! ! !

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