Jayram Daya Poems

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My South Africa

Where the ancestor's spirits lives forever
Saluting Madiba for his endeavour
The dawn of freedom colours the eastern sky
Awake South Africa it's my cry

I Am In Love

Seeing the smile on a pretty face,
Wanting to hear the steps that race,
Nostalgic smell I always chase.
Tasty kiss that wants to embrace,

Red Rose For You

Red rose for you my dear
We are near this year
Fresh from the morning dew
I am due from the few

Life’s Riddles

Childhood enrolled fun and play
With a demand all was done
Neglect and habits had no say
When playing was all in one

Lion Roars Again

The lion never roars without a cause
Dawn breaks with the pride on the paws
In the wild go the hungry jaws
Courage and speed leaves no flaws

Crawling Call

When you looked down on me
I looked up with hope
When I raced with the ants
I saw your toes go bye


I see the stretching lips
Lining the nose above
I see the rounding cheek
Covering the eyes around

Love Hates Anger

When hatred invaded a weak thought,
The mind was prepared for defeat.
It was the will that fought,
Anger attacked without retreat.

The South African Farmer

Shadowing the eyes he looks
Far into the dusty land
The setting sun and the flying crows
Bringing the day to an end.

Our Soldier

In a passing parade
With a stern salute
Marches a soldier
For his countries glory

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