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I'm an engineer, an entrepreneur, a storyteller, a poet, an author, a painter, a photographer, a blogger, a philosopher, and a visionary.
I like writing poetry, small stories, and my experience of life. I paint on canvas, specializing in oil paintings.

Looking forward to publishing some of my life’s work in my retiring age.

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23 March 2015

Hunger has no religion and illiteracy is the mother of poverty

01 February 2020

Truth has many branches, yet has one trunk with many roots.

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My South Africa

Where the ancestor's spirits lives forever
Saluting Madiba for his endeavour
The dawn of freedom colours the eastern sky
Awake South Africa it's my cry
A nation lazy and lethargic is a slave
A bright future is to save
Unity the hope of our future
Rise my people its time to toil.

Where the Lions roars in the jungles
And the Leopards seek its prey.
The buffaloes laze in the waters
And the rhino guards its territory.
Elephants graze the vast lands
Trumpeting the divine call
See Africa's big five
A land of nature's gift

Where gold and diamonds brings money
A country of milk and honey
Maize relives peoples hunger
Wines evoke joy and laughter
Grow sunflower for our oil
Nature rewards this fertile soil
Blessed you are to till this land
South Africa's wealth will expand

Where dark clouds gather on the horizon
Helped by the winds of change
The hot sun wait's the passer by
The rain brings wanted relive
With running rivers green goes our land
Gifted with all seasons
A land of divine choice
South Africa shall lives for ever

Where the two oceans meet
Embracing the mother city
Table Mountain is elite
Serves a vision very pretty
Many came from east and west
Made history sailing by
Near an island of contest
City of passion and beauty

Where freedom was taken and given
Many sailed the seven seas
Black and white is we
Living with predators and prey
Some stayed to live forever
Made a culture of today
South Africans is one nation
Proud and happy as can be

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Jayram Daya Popularity

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