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well there not much to say about me. well my name is Jazmine Staples and im 15 and ive been wrtieng stuff like songs and poems seen i was 10 when something bad happpen i had to write so if there any thing else then just email

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Red Blooded Black Hearted 05 November 2007

I can't believe no one's commented on your poems... I love them. Keep writing.

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******th3 Way*******

the way he makes me feel
mmmm....everytime he enters the room
my heart starts to beat faster my hands get sweat and
i start to stare
he gives me butterflys(the good kind)
if only he knew that i feel this much
i wonder if he feels the same way
he is always on my mind
i dream about him
he is whipering sweet things to me in my ear
o how i wish he love me 2
all these different girls dose he even care
about little old me
i may not be the prettys girl or the most outgoing but
my feelings r true and i wish he knew that
the way he talks to me
the way he walks
the way he touches me
o i just wish so badly he was mine
i love everything about him
he perfect to me in my eyes
but dose he feel the same way
thats the real question
maybe he dose and maybe he dosent
and I dont want to get hurt again
thats y im tryin not to show
my feelings
the way I really feel about him.......

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