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Motherhood defines me,
but often undermines me.

My fears for you are almost tangible.

Let's take a chance with our first dance.
To wish on a star that our lives will go far.
The music has started, we'll never be parted.
The dance floor is lined with our guests, wined and dined.

Light and white, fluffy, like snowflakes.
Flower girls stoop to pluck them for keepsakes.

A rainbow of paper o'er us floats down.


Grief yawns and swallows you whole.
Insomnia, heartache, regrets take their toll.

Subconscious repeatedly into past dips.

The way that they look at each other,
my Granddaughter and her Mother.
To witness such a bond is a blessing from beyond.
Their eyes lock into gaze unbroken.


The importance of play may never be overstated.
It's status in child development so underrated.
How else may a person practise their manners?
Learn to take turns, become their life's planners?

Fierce as frost,
soft as snow,
my love has cost me much I know.
Raucous winds,

Snowdrop, tulip, daffodil and crocus.
Your colours coax dull lenses to focus.
Rain often drenched your bulbs and roots.
But not even frost deterred your shoots.

Watch in wonder, listen with care.
As it's teachings this world lays bare.
Run, skip, jump, dance.
Make the most of every chance.

A gossamer vision you stand atop the stair.
Of this profound moment in time I'm acutely aware.
Gracefully down you glide, radiant, glorious, my daughter, the bride.

The sound of the lock turned by your key
Starts a butterfly dance deep within me.

I think of you often throughout my day.


Purple Rain is the refrain that always drags me from pain.
More than Doves shall Cry, alongside I.
Drive by Signs of the Times in a Little Red Corvette.
The Paisley Park Prince, I will never forget.

Ushers dash, colours clash, cameras flash.

Babies wriggle, children giggle, bridesmaids wiggle.

Two rings entwine, your heart and mine.
Symbols of our love divine.

Our love excels, in our hearts it dwells.

Good folks gathered in this room.
It's time to toast the Bride and Groom.
What a glorious day it has been.
Such wonderful images we have seen.


Usher us in.
Then usher us out.
We've come for a ceremony so devout.

Clouds above us, feet in sand.
You toddle beside me clutching my hand.

Bucket sloshes with sea-water full.

Tailcoat and tiara,
cufflinks and mascara.
Vows said in front of others,
parents, friends, sisters, brothers.

I'm going to Town to choose my bridal gown.
What a wonderful day, fairy princess I'll play.
I've relished this role since my groom's heart I stole.

Prior to confinement you were only mine.
My precious joy within, a delicate time.

A mixture of feelings concoct in my mind.

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Motherhood defines me,
but often undermines me.

My fears for you are almost tangible.
For your happiness I feel responsible.

Attempts to protect you even in adulthood,
are often fruitless and misunderstood.

The balance between friend and Mother,
I struggle daily to discover.

This relationship I would never change,
It's a favourite with which I engage.

From every test and challenge I will recover,
to continue the joy of being your Mother.

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Motherhood defines me but often undermines me.

Enquire and inspire as much as you can before you expire.

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