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i write what I feel & what I see, I read Shelley 'Queen Mab' is a favourite, also I like Corso Ginsberg, Of course I read more than poetry, any reading can stimulate the brain!

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Sheila Amies-byron 19 November 2012

My son, Jeff, wrote What's in a Name for me, his Mum and I was so very proud. Biased I may be, but I think he is brilliant.

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On The Road A Recovery Poem

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On the road "Recovery Poem"

I was reading Poe

The Raven

A Robin sat Calling calling

"Don't read that,

Listen to me"

Cheers to the Robin

His song his stance

I'm reading Poe

Your singing

Demanding audience

There came a knocking

Tis the Raven

But the Robin Sung on

An on he don't need


His song is a poem

I didn't need the page

I'll keep Poe for

Future days.

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Jetty J Newnham Popularity

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