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Whats in a name

Better than a pep pill

Labels? I don't need anymore labels
I have enough self-inflicted
In life you're pigeon holed, into this, into that.
If you try to do anything different, you're a freak you're ostracized.

There's beauty here hidden deep
Within the concrete & the brick
Sometimes it's hard to find
Within the swells of city life

Who will protect history from the lies
Of jingoistic ministers? Who glory in
War, its victims who laid dying & bleeding
through Mans inventions

Through My Eyes

I see versions of myself in the eyes of all I see
In the black eyes of the drunks,

All life can start and end here
Here people hear all and treat all

So precious from the start

You surround yourselves with lies
And death
You kept tigers as pets
Peoples’ lives were meaningless to you

A poet sits open mouthed in shock

The future‘s gone
The future’s lost

Every day the news becomes more and

I'm a recovering Rochester boy
recovering from the choices I made

Some memories haunt me

On the street it lay a rose
Beautiful deepest red
On the path it lay
Just the head

Whats the mad
Its always there
Always haunting
Always in the corner

Buddha love.
(I smile at people I dont know, thats buddha love.)
(I believe all life is connected, thats buddha love)
I know that lifes a golden chance thats buddha love)


I can regret nothing.
If I did everything I experienced would a lie.
I can learn new lessons and I've learned my lessons well, and I've made some mistakes can't you tell?
My mistakes have at times been my lessons, but to regret them would place me in a hell! I've just escaped from one you see I have.


Muse, you’re much more than a peer.
You are what anyone should aspire to be.
Your inspiration is without peer.
You’re a peer unto yourself a peer that's worth more than wealth.

It’s always there, always haunting
Always at the corner, in the front.

The MAD tells us what we need

I was playing “Poets hitchhiking on the highway” today
With my granddaughter Lilli Mae

Sometimes its clear like a mountain stream
Sometimes its gloomy grey, a fog adrift at sea
Sometime it’s a spark a shared moment, the child in me
Its the brightness of a fresh morning

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i write what I feel & what I see, I read Shelley 'Queen Mab' is a favourite, also I like Corso Ginsberg, Of course I read more than poetry, any reading can stimulate the brain!)

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On The Road A Recovery Poem

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On the road "Recovery Poem"

I was reading Poe

The Raven

A Robin sat Calling calling

"Don't read that,

Listen to me"

Cheers to the Robin

His song his stance

I'm reading Poe

Your singing

Demanding audience

There came a knocking

Tis the Raven

But the Robin Sung on

An on he don't need


His song is a poem

I didn't need the page

I'll keep Poe for

Future days.

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Sheila Amies-byron 19 November 2012

My son, Jeff, wrote What's in a Name for me, his Mum and I was so very proud. Biased I may be, but I think he is brilliant.

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