Imagination Poem by Jetty J Newnham


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Sometimes its clear like a mountain stream
Sometimes its gloomy grey, a fog adrift at sea
Sometime it’s a spark a shared moment, the child in me
Its the brightness of a fresh morning
The deepest coral sunset of a western sky
A vision that's my mind’s eye
An orchestra’s harmonious crescendo.

The roar of waves exploding on a barren shore
It’s bird song in the trees
A cool summer breeze
It’s my imagination my crystal ball
I travel the world the stars and all
The great instigator my minds motivator

My reasons to search out for pencil and paper.
My hands stretch to seek the bop prosody, of Kerouac Corso Ginsberg
With a beat jazz soundtrack in the background, colours of scales appear through my mind.
I think of Ginsberg's visions of Blake.

At times through me words just flow, like winds exploring the branches of trees.
My imagination has no limits, truly the part of our lives we can claim to be honestly free.
It inspires the great artists, composers musicians, authors, all people who aspire for good.
It’s a common denominator within us all.
Imagination, the ability to reason, and search for the blonde nose of truth.

It’s the realization all that we are is a stage of evolution.
Its Buddha Shakyamuni's enlightened moment. Our planet it lives & breathes.
It inspired Homer to write The Iliad, Shelley to write Queen Mab.
Imagination inspires motivation, not even prison walls, can control the outward reaching of our minds’ eyes.

So when the moment touches me I let the words flow I cannot control them, direct them,
It’s purely their course their will.
So I take the journey I explore the map, at times it’s a mantra, others a rant.
But trust me it’s true everything I write comes from my heart.

Its what we all have, it just came to me after some comments on FB
Chinedu Dike 19 September 2014

An insightful and imaginative piece of poetry. The use of Simile simply drove home the point. Lovely poem. Thanks for sharing.

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Jetty J Newnham

Jetty J Newnham

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