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I was sitting on our sofa
reading a book about
the original carnival geeks
when I realized my girlfriend

With a yellow crayon
You can color the Sun
This can draw You
Close to the Son.

Oh verdancy! Dear verdancy!
Oh vast expanse of space!
You want Zen?
Where've you been?

I stroll away
beneath the cobwebbed sky
having stolen your spirit
which implodes within me

when beagle puppies lick you
it means they love you

when beagle puppies lick you

I wake up for the third day in a row with
my body screaming in pain
The insides of my elbows and knees
feel stretched to the point of snapping

The thrills of Spring
The fun of Summer
The pills of Winter
To lift the bummer

When I realized I was no longer down
I swore I'd stay away
From the demon called depression
The one that holds such sway

The rains of this November followed
The uncertainty of this October and
Began with the blue lights in September
Revolving in my car's rear window.

I was about to use my blender
to make a big, beautiful Hurricane
which I figured would help
blow me away

I am your morning flower ~

I don't wear square pants
But am, in fact, spongy

For me
there is no fun anymore

The spring has dried up

You come out of the master bedroom closet
in the daintiest of nighties
I do all the talking as we
lay down on the bed

I was on a hill,
from a book containing
a poem by Allen Ginsberg,

After the low spark of the
red electric guitar

Have I told you how pretty you are,
and how I'd jump off of a cliff
if you told me to?
But then I couldn't kiss your lips,

I try to run from the real me,
but I am glued inside myself.

Who I espy in the mirror,

Sometimes sidling northward
the knights protect their king

They're off to pick some flowers

Why start at the

When the big inning's the

I am euphoric
as I arrive at your place
with flowers in hand
to give you

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I've been published in several e zines and had several poems published in 'remark' magazine.)

The Best Poem Of Jeffrey Philip Clegg

Carnal Geeks

I was sitting on our sofa
reading a book about
the original carnival geeks
when I realized my girlfriend
sometimes bites my head off
as though I were a chicken

Of course
she gets as mad
as a wet hen
when I call her
The Bearded Lady

Then we wrestle -
I pin her arms to the floor
like a beagle puppy
I lick the tip of her nose
She screams at me to stop
but can't quit giggling
as we begin
to tear each other's clothes off.

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J P Klegg 06 August 2015

He thought he was................

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Lauren Phillips 19 May 2005

you seem to have plenty of thinks to say to people...yet yuo have only one poem on here? i'd like to see more. LAuReN

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