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I've been published in several e zines and had several poems published in 'remark' magazine.

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Carnal Geeks

I was sitting on our sofa
reading a book about
the original carnival geeks
when I realized my girlfriend
sometimes bites my head off
as though I were a chicken

Of course
she gets as mad
as a wet hen
when I call her
The Bearded Lady

Then we wrestle -
I pin her arms to the floor
like a beagle puppy
I lick the tip of her nose
She screams at me to stop
but can't quit giggling
as we begin
to tear each other's clothes off.

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J P Klegg 06 August 2015

He thought he was................

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Lauren Phillips 19 May 2005

you seem to have plenty of thinks to say to people...yet yuo have only one poem on here? i'd like to see more. LAuReN

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Jeffrey Philip Clegg Popularity

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