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i have been writing poetry since i was about seven or eight years old, but i have misplaced a lot of it and just recently i have been searching for my notebooks. i submit my poems as i find them with the date of which they were written included at the bottom. i hope you enjoy reading them. their subjects somewhat vary, but most decribe ways i feel and how i think and preceive things, such as situations i have been in or how i view people and my surroundings. feel free to e-mail me...i try to get on at least once a day. :)

okay i dont know why anyone would find my life the least bit interesting, but ive decided to actully write a short biography-in the biography section! yes. its amazing, i know(haha..ha..that would be sarcasm :) okay here it is.
~*mar ...

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Bekie Carroll 11 September 2005

i love you lauren! ! ! ! ! ! !

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The Best Poem Of Lauren Phillips

Beautiful Death

frost bitten rain drop
watched by crystal eyes
spinning in whirl-winds
dancing across still skies
loved by many
across the feilds it flies
but even with the beauty
a broken heart dies

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Lauren Phillips Popularity

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