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It's Friday
which means it's crazy where I live.
The noise level went from a box fan
to stadium seating

I want to make a crooked paper weight with you
hands on the pottery wheel, just like Swayze.

Brush your teeth first, ghosts eat garlic

Hi poets.
it's time I graced you with my dark purple presence,
peasants and the poor alike...

White trash
goat walkin'
no shirt

There are a couple of boys
ditching Summer school, skate boarding
down my street.

brushing my teeth too long.
mouth wash
swishing slowly, falling asleep at the sink

I gave a guy a fried egg sandwich today-
I knew there was a hair on the plate and I found humor
instead of a napkin before I served it to him.

I love that you resemble an inmate,
drive a nissan altima
and give women flowers when they cry
which waters down my admiration

if the Bible said that we should all submit to each others poetry
we would be out of one's tree, berserk in the kitchen
rounding the bend
at a dead end

A pinched nerve is selling itself on the corner of my neck.
It break dances when I look at him.
I need to just drink my coffee and do my crossword puzzle
Without wondering if he's looking at me.

my phone buzzes louder than an African bee
and its sting hurts more than a jelly fish.

the sun burps

El Pollo Loco
is the only thing I can say in Spanish.

In english I can say:

My ten speed is now a four speed.
I always wanted it to pipe down, so thank you
to whoever decided it needed to shut up.
I want to congratulate your swiss army knife

He seriously has the coolest tie I have ever seen.
and I hate ties. They remind me of orderly conduct
and I was never good at that.
But this guys' tie is so retro. It's a ride my scooter please

Dear Member, we deactivated your poem 'I plan to make Gary my Housewife' because it was violating the rules of Poem Hunter.

Dear Poem Hunter,
I plan to make Gary my housewife. What's wrong with that?

When the land is tired of carrying my feet across
the street to the local Peets. My coffee waits for me
like you do. I do not know your coal black eyes or fiery
soul but I do know you wait for me and I wait for Steve

When you are sitting on a train texting your fiancee'
'Love, I am going to be late'
I will cough, because I will have pneumonia
and you will look up and see my purple tee, my clouded

Little bird
watching from the tree
find the boy
and tell him

When you worked late shifts
toying with my books, asking me to sit
closer to you
and I wanted you to read me your heart

Jena Crowe Biography

I am a lover of art and music and strange people. I like to sit in the park and watch things. I am eccentric and scare people half the time. It is what makes me me. O dark hour come and sit with me~)

The Best Poem Of Jena Crowe

Friday Night Lights

It's Friday
which means it's crazy where I live.
The noise level went from a box fan
to stadium seating
to what are we eating for dinner tonight?

I'm only in college, good grief.
Why can't my roommates follow directions
on a box of Kraft mac 'n cheese?
Butter. Milk. Water. Noodles. Process powdered cheese.

Use the microwave dammit!
Climb a dollar tree!

There's a week old polish dog
sitting in the fridge. It has a nice green mustache.
That means it's aged well and should be
taken seriously.

'Just eat it Gary! It's green!
Green means it's healthy! '

He told me my eyes were fat
after that.

Friday night... light me up Pandora
and lock my door, uh...
don't slip me notes under the crack
asking if you can borrow my car.

Samantha is the girl next door
Gary wants to pound. He's gay. He still doesn't get it.
It's okay. I told him to walk into the closet,
find his balls, then walk out again...

Eleven p.m. here in Boston on Friday night-
almost Saturday. Nobody has much to say
at a donut shop on Saturday morning,
because nobody is there!

Everyone will wake up at noon
and ask what's for breakfast

and there will be a now questionable
eight day old polish dog
sitting in the fridge...

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Chuy Amante 27 April 2015

no finer woman on the planet can she be cloned?

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Professor Plum 17 November 2014

She made me have a very large bowel movement after I read one of her poems about having a bowel movement, and for that I thank her. She's GOOD too! She's the younger, female, slightly dyke-ish, but still pretty hot cousin I never had.

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