How Do You Like Me Now? Poem by Jena Crowe

How Do You Like Me Now?

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Dear Member, we deactivated your poem 'I plan to make Gary my Housewife' because it was violating the rules of Poem Hunter.

Dear Poem Hunter,
I plan to make Gary my housewife. What's wrong with that?
He's gay. He already came out- it's ok.
Should I buy some traditions and superstitions?
Oh, this site is International. I'll buy from Amazon.
I really want to cuss right now, but you won't be proud of me.
I want your approval. I need your thumbs up.
F F F F F Fantastic I say!
This Sh Sh Sh Sh Sh is showering us with affection.
[Objection your honor! This girl needs the good book! ]

My poems might smell, but doesn't everyone need a good laugh?
When someone farts you know you giggle. The lot of you! Liars!

I totally understand.

Love, A Stoic Crowe.

Sandra Feldman 20 July 2014

Oh, life is hard, so much that surrounds us is wrong and ill placed. So it really helps to get out how you feel, and what you feel, off your chest, I think you have done this here, with great success! Very Different, Quite Good!

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