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I miss you on rainy days
Miss your arms around my waist
Your breath on my neck
Your touch without regret

I saw mountains kiss the heavens,
Clouds avoiding one another
The sun softly hugging the earth,
As my shadow slowly fades away.

Help me find a window
The window to freedom
The window to stardom
Help me find a window

What is it about others
That makes them different from the rest
What is it in this word
That makes others outsiders

It was dark and my heart was broken
I was sad but I tried to hide it
You left me with a sign of'good bye'
When you promised to be real nice

You're there, I'm here
I'm scared not to care
Not to love you anymore
Is telling me to live no more

As I sat there a sunny day
I looked up there and saw a grape
I asked it what it has come to say
But all it did was grin away

Roses are red
Violets are Blue
I'm in love with you
And desperate too

Beat my heart beats
Skip my heart skips
Rejoyce my heart rejoyces
Sing my heart sings

I wanna be free
Free from everything
Free of any pain
For this heart has been slain

Long have I longed for your return
For that scent oozing out of your pores
The morning breeze on your skin
Long has it been


There are fields outside
Crops outside that I dare not tend to
I dare not pass by
Dare not touch


I just love it
When it rains
It makes me happy
It makes me smile


Listen to the rain
For it tells a story
The story of those who came and are now gone
The story of those who fought for survival

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I Miss You

I miss you on rainy days
Miss your arms around my waist
Your breath on my neck
Your touch without regret

I miss you on hot days
Your smiles burning my heart
Your eyes so deep and dark
Your hands all though my hair

I miss you playing me the guitar
I miss you singing me in the dark
I miss you holding me in the hall
I miss you carrying me when I fall
I miss you and that's not all

I miss your rhymes at night
I miss you sight at day light
I miss having you in my life
I miss grabbing your arms so tight

I miss you
And I need you here right now
Or else I'll die

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Kiana Blaine 29 April 2008

this is a very pretty poem.

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