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The world is asleep,
Yet it is silently atuned
To fixing all ills in its wake
For our sake. As we slumber

Love streams from you,
It sparkles and pours,
Causing my heart to soar
With yours my Angel.

The wonder
The beauty
The essence

Be kind to yourself
Lift yourself up
In the palm of your hand
Smile and console

A dark room,
Ah! Heaven;
The only place
To go, when

I feel a deep connection
To the depths of you;
A sublime love for your soul,
A strong regard for your welfare.

Poetry is a reality,
But it really can be
What you want it to be.

Breathe light,
Air waves inside
Permeate insight,
To guide your mind.

The only thing for it
Is to go home to bed
And sleep and dream

I have been told
I must leave this world
It breaks my heart
That I should die

Don't forget to feed the cat!
Don't forget to water the geraniums!
Don't forget to close the tap!
Don't forget to forget the miscellaneous!

I have not left here
Yet it is dangerous
To stay

Even if I don't
Like what I hear

I like to hear

Fred talks Wilma
Into cave of bliss
Despite all the

Be at home with yourself,
Acknowledge family around you
As dear to you.
Give them time too

Crisp, clean air,
Blue, blue sky
Chimney mouth
White smoke.

Hey Mood
What's ailing you

You're not the only one

I'm the cross mother
Telling you not
To jump
In puddles again


I wish that
We were friends
That's all

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The World Is Asleep

The world is asleep,
Yet it is silently atuned
To fixing all ills in its wake
For our sake. As we slumber
It toils and negates life's spoils
By turning sense to nonsensical
Flights of dreams, as it mends
Our bodies to create dividends
For a free future of light and possibility,
When all around us speak inability.

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(De Va) 08 February 2012

Your style touches my soul, your words touch my heart...Blessings

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Thomas Duncky 04 February 2012

Your poems are written in a simplified way and yet they carry the essence of messages worth reading and enjoying. Love your work AnnaMaria.

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