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You steal my soul and hide it in the deep
You take my heart away to turn me into a sheep
You come in the night and rape my mind
You peel my imagination like a rind

You rise in the morning, and you wonder where I am,
You go to bed and lie there wondering if life is just a sham.
As you drift off to sleep, you see me, but not my identity
You hold me close in your dreams, wake alone, such a pity.

As I wandered through the woods
I come upon a squirrel and asked
'Can you see me? '
The squirrel replied,

Do you dream of me
As I dream of you
Do you dream of us
As I dream of us, too

There is someone out there wanting to be malicious in rating poems.
To you...This poem is written..


In my dreams I see your eyes
So blue and yet so filled with lies.
In my heart I see your soul
So yellow, yet quite unwhole

To write my soul upon the paper
as I wander with the shaper
Through the mist of time
Along the banks of the River Rhine

You smiled at me as I rode by
Upon a horse, way up high
You looked into my eyes to see
A woman who lives to be


I can offer a beam of light
to put a glow upon your path...
I can wrap you in my soul
to protect you from the wrath....


You fill my soul with sorrow
You tell me of the morrow.
You fill my soul with smiles
As we transcend the miles

You come to me in the night,
Meeting me in Astro flight.
Our hearts beat as one,
As our souls know this fun.

How can I know what is real?
How can I know if my heart will heal?
Why do I suffer in this depressive hell?
When all I want is to be happy and well?

Into the dark I fly
Rising up so high
Way up into the sky

The willow droops her branches down,
She reaches out to touch the ground
As she mimics my hearts pain
She shows the world how I refrain

.....Give Him Up....

You must give him up, set him free.
He was never yours, you just wanted him to be.


This morning I woke alone,
A smile crept across my face,
No time to cry or to bemoan,
No sorrow, not even a trace,

His voice reaches to the core of my soul,
He haunts me and yet he does console,
His words seek depth inside my being,
His music, with my spirit, is agreeing,

If you love someone, set them free.
If they come back they're yours;
if they don't they never were.
~Richard Bach

I wander through life in a stupor
Searching for meaning and people to do for
Because I can't face my own life
I hide inside the dark using my knife

I shed a tear when you walked away
A tear of blood dropped that day
As in my heart the tears were shed
And in my soul, I felt so dead.

(De Va) Biography

Student of the Universe. Passionate about writing and righting the wrongs of the world....sense of humor never hurts. Love Richard Bach, Leonard Cohen and Anne McCaffrey. I reach out to touch your soul, As, again, I struggle to be whole. If I reach inside and touch your heart, I know my healing is on a great start. ~DeVa~)

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You steal my soul and hide it in the deep
You take my heart away to turn me into a sheep
You come in the night and rape my mind
You peel my imagination like a rind

Depression consumes my soul and empties me of essence
Depression takes the fire of my passion leaving senescence
Depression sets me in a prison in the deep dark dank
Depression fills me with tears because of his prank

Monster deep in the darkness on a starless night
Monster flying e'er so low on a maiden flight
Monster claws upon my limpid body as I try to escape
Monster in my soul, to me it such hideous rape

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Cosmic Dreamer 17 November 2011

A kind heart and a romantic soul... Put the two together and you have a poet well worth reading... Thanks for all your kind words... Peace and love always...

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(De Va) 18 October 2011

I write from my heart, my soul flies free, I search in the dark, to find what I must see...........................

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