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Her legend so untold
Through her life many have walked
As her true story doth unfold
“from our timid fears love weans us” once she wrote.

Dead sores and bruised toes
Up and down the silent shores
Cuts deep, drilled by poisonous foes
In and out of dungeons and dangerous holes

In the morning when birds sing from their home
Walk with me and never leave me alone.
In the afternoon when the children play and sing their songs, walk with me.
In the light of the day when darkness has gone to the mountains, don't leave me.

I close my eyes and it starts to rain
In that instant my mind flies as I get lost in my brain
My heart tries, over and over to refrain
from these deceiving lies, but am overpowered and get carried away in this train

There is a storm coming my way
Grey skies have made harbor where it was blue
The fairer wind is here and never blows away
Is soaking in the rain what I have to go through?

Like a childless mother after a miscarriage.
I cry for the verses that i have buried.
Like most of those wise poems
They vanish into thin air

In the morning breezes
When the air almost freezes
Flowers blossom easily

Dew covered and wet

Tik tak tok
Goes the old wall clock.
The very same old way it did before.
I wonder if it will do it once more.

Last nightI fell asleep,
it was a sleep so deep.
And then i had a dream,
so beautiful a dream that i didn't scream.

Darkness falls upon the land.
The night, silent and so dark.
Creatures make noise from their habitats.
I claw into my bed, its time to sleep.

When darkness falls over
We, accustomed to light, falter.
The shining smiles on our beautiful faces fade
Our hearts hang but beating only faint

Look up here and see and hear
All of them have gathered here
Your enemies, your friends and all our peers
Open your eyes now and see it's the same fellows we've been with all these years

If hearts really did sink down in holes
Mine would have skydived down to my toes
Tumbling and tumbling till it escapes to my holed shoes
And splash finally into the potholes

Come unto me so slim
for i give you my heart
I seek you day and night
and slave for you with all my might

Under the same clear skies
Below these sparkling little stars
Amidst the flashes from these fireflies
From breaking free from these earthly bars

Let’s run,
away from gazes that declare us
Beauty and the beast.

As I get closer
And closer
To another completion of one cycle
As I get closer to where I came from

Fly high in the sky like a falcon.
Then beautify the atmosphere like a butterfly.
Come down to earth little angel and see,
the mountains, the valleys, the lakes and seas.

In my heart I hear a grinding sound
Someone is pushing me to the ground
An overweight monster is leaning on my boney figure
He seems determined to drill my back to the floor

I fall
I die
I rise

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Woman Of Stone

Her legend so untold
Through her life many have walked
As her true story doth unfold
“from our timid fears love weans us” once she wrote.
As if there is gold between her legs she walks.
Been here and there with bigger folks
On special occasions bald she talks.
Like dust she always rises
Higher and higher she flies
Until she finds out why the caged bird sings
She is an angel by virtue of being who she is and not what she is
A mother for the motherless
A scholar so priceless
Like Master Shakespeare she walks in the aisle of bards with great respect.
A woman truly stronger than tens of thousands of men
A woman who knows why the caged bird sings...
A phenomenal woman
A woman of stone

(For Maya Angelou)

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