Jennifer Ottinger

Rookie (8/10/94 / St. Paul)

Jennifer Ottinger Poems

1. Red, Silver, Gold, And Black 11/16/2009
2. False Reality 11/16/2009
3. Gone 11/16/2009
4. Traitor 11/17/2009
5. No Longer 11/17/2009
6. Trust No More 11/17/2009
7. One Mistake 11/18/2009
8. Too Much Agony 11/24/2009
9. The Wait 11/24/2009
10. Far Distance 11/24/2009
11. Stringless Lost Puppet 12/1/2009
12. Ice Free 12/1/2009
13. A Nation Made Of Poetry 12/16/2009
14. Regreted Words 1/6/2010
15. Ignorantly Blind 1/20/2010
16. Just Me (Poem For Class) 1/27/2010
17. Withering Away 2/2/2010
18. Inside Reality 2/4/2010
19. Sideline Questions 2/4/2010
20. Plotted Greed 5/27/2010
21. We Are 6/1/2010
22. Dreams And Nightmares 6/1/2010
23. Broken Student 7/6/2010
24. I'M Not Afraid To Take That Step 7/6/2010
25. Black And White 7/6/2010
26. Ignoring The Normal 7/6/2010
27. Love's Goal 7/12/2010
28. Why Are You So Far Away? 12/18/2010
29. Ghosting 12/20/2011
30. Miserously Trapped 12/20/2011
31. Demised Creature 12/20/2011
32. Disconcerting Separation 8/16/2012
33. Obstacles Of Emotion 8/16/2012
34. Bursting The Hearts Seams 8/16/2012
35. Blinking Memories 8/18/2012
36. Free Of Lies 8/18/2012
37. Cycling Downward 8/18/2012
38. Unwanted 11/13/2009
39. Blind 11/14/2009
40. Hiding 11/16/2009

Comments about Jennifer Ottinger

  • T. Q. Sims (11/27/2009 5:27:00 PM)

    when i was your age (15) , i had thoughts of suicide and some secret depression. i didn't really want to kill myself-like you say it's not how you 'really feel.' several years later, most of the depression dodged or lifted, and suicidal thoughts no longer recurring, i was clued in on just why those suicidal thoughts came up... ESCAPE. it's not about death so much as it is escaping... needing or wanting something more exciting or challenging or comforting or whatever. glad you've got some talent (and courage to share it) , so you can find that 'perfect escape.' good luck. peace.

    ~t.q. sims

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Best Poem of Jennifer Ottinger

Can You

Can you protect me
From prying hands?
Can you pick me up
When I fall down?
Can you shield me
From hurtful words?
Is it took much to ask,
Can you hug me?
Can you listen
When I need to talk?
Can you accept me
For how I am?
Even with scars?
Can you assure me
That you’ll always be there?
Can you love me no matter what?
Even with a dysfunctional family?
Not living in perfect conditions?
Looking like hell every day?
Tearstains on my cheeks?
Bruises all over me?
Broken with missing pieces?
Can you still love me?

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Bullets resounding in dry air.
Blood staining uniforms
Cries and shouts across the field
No one could hear what was
really going on
People lifeless on the ground.
Memoirs being taken from
their discolored clothing.
Breathlessness spreading like wildfire.

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