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I feel torn to pieces.
Eyes of betrayal.
Not understanding real words.
Everything is blurred.

Don’t keep me tied down.
Don’t tell me no.
You have no idea
That I long for my life.

Watching the snow float down,
My lips slowly curl into a frown.
Wondering the whole while,
If I could ever smile.

Can you protect me
From prying hands?
Can you pick me up
When I fall down?

Bullets resounding in dry air.
Blood staining uniforms
Cries and shouts across the field
No one could hear what was

Crying out in fear,
When no one can hear,
My final breaths
Will be my death.

Clear skies of heavenly blue
The sun shining through beautiful green
Wind whispering through strands of hair
Complete peace out here

Just close your eyes
Think of the first time
Where we shared dreams
We had a life ahead of us

Voices and Echos resound
Bouncing off the cement walls
Everyone trying to be heard
Skin flushed with anger

'I like you' is a statement
Of our mutual understanding
'I love you' is a commitment
Are we really ready?

Shimmering stars reflect on the lake
Fingertips brushing the smooth surface
Water sliding down in rivulets
Pale cheeks flushed with pleasure


In the closet
You’ll find a pair
Of bright hazel eyes
All watery and

I am the unwanted child,
Who has grown quite wild.
To be sent off somewhere,
Or just to disappear in thin air.


Does no one see
the broken child?
The one that shows
up Monday morning?

We always dreaded,
the little drops of red.
From the blade of silver,
on our lover.

Blank darkness behind closed eyes.
Thinking imagining
To fill the gaps.
Private thoughts overwhelm me.


Gripping the hand of someone,
Asking for one last thing.
Could kill you on the inside,
Till you see them again.

The paint brush is dipped in red,
the substance dark and thick.
A razor lay to the side,
liquid crimson dripped off.

No longer needed
Get out
No longer loved
Hate you

I'm not trusted at all
no more, ever.
Even my own mother,
is casting me out.

Jennifer Ottinger Biography

I have always loved poetry, and even more so, writing it like the things I publish here on this site. Through these poems I do express what I feel, or I write about other people's arrangements. A lot of my inspiration comes from music, and trust me, it's not the same as the song, just lyrics that jump out at me. Hopefully you will all respect my poetry, or at least give me helpful advice.)

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I feel torn to pieces.
Eyes of betrayal.
Not understanding real words.
Everything is blurred.
My body shakes
Tears unstoppable
The last thing I saw
Was your back
Turned from me
Do you hate me?
For whom I really am?
For how I am?
For whom I couldn’t be?
For how I can’t be?
I don’t understand
What you’re asking.
I can’t change
With just a snap of your fingers.
Don’t keep breaking me.
I can only bend so much
Till I am absolutely nothing
But a shadow of who
I want to be.

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T. Q. Sims 27 November 2009

when i was your age (15) , i had thoughts of suicide and some secret depression. i didn't really want to kill myself-like you say it's not how you 'really feel.' several years later, most of the depression dodged or lifted, and suicidal thoughts no longer recurring, i was clued in on just why those suicidal thoughts came up... ESCAPE. it's not about death so much as it is escaping... needing or wanting something more exciting or challenging or comforting or whatever. glad you've got some talent (and courage to share it) , so you can find that 'perfect escape.' good luck. peace. ~t.q. sims

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