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The Magic Happens

It only happens when you look at me
When you say that I’m the one and only
Or when you glace over with a smile on your face
And when you hold me with a warm embrace

He Left Me All Alone

I was inspired by the way he would talk to me
I was moved by his intelligence
Fascinated by the way he would encourage me
Shielded by the faith he had in me

My Daughter And Me

Walking on the beach leaving our footprints in the sand,
Laughing and giggling as we hold hands.
Finding pretty beach rocks and precious seashells,
Collecting them all in our pretty pink pails

I Wish I Could Explain

I wish I could explain to you how heavy the pain is in my heart.
I can’t identify the cause, but the pain is weighing my heart down.
Every day, I aim to take things one step at a time.
Impossible, no can do, everything must be taking care of at once.

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I am a nursing student, I have a baby girl who is the light in my night. I come from a strong family I am the thrid oldest out of seven children. I love to read and write poems because they unleash the part on you that people dont really get to see on a day to day bases and my favorite thing to do in this world is I love to love

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