Last Rites Poem by Jesse Bauer

Last Rites

I held it in for the longest time how much I loved you so.
I always knew you'd never love me, And hoped this love would go.

It tore me apart at my very seams, you grasped my soul and squeezed.
My heart always skipped when you passed by, but this time it's finally ceased.

The dreams I have, they never end, and they make me want to cry.
By never being by your side, I feel like I should die.

I cannot make you happy, and that's all I really want.
So if I have no purpose, then suicide will taunt.

I cannot go on living, in a world without your love.
So tell me now as a final word, to give me that last shove.

I ask you, 'do you love me? ' That's all I can manage to say.
For I know it's almost over, and that this is my last day.

You say that you don't love me, And so I start to turn.
Your words were rusty daggers, and in my chest they burn.

I should have known to not come, and kept it to myself.
I write a note of last rites. and place it on a shelf.

Maybe in my final words, someone will recognize.
I couldn't live without you, so I live now in the skies.

My heart has been forsaken, when i offered it so true.
From chest my heart was taken, because I offered it to you.

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