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Most of the people that know me call me and know me by Jesse Tampa, so naturally that's my pen name. Why do I write poetry? It's what I do. I have a talent somewhere. I didn't teach myself to write. When I was in 3rd grade, I failed the F-CAT writes, and I'm pretty sure it was because I mentioned God in my essay. I got a 1.5 and almost had to do th ...

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I Need A Job

I've been trying for about a month now
No one seems to want me somehow
Thirteen years of school for nothing?
I'd rather have a job or something

I am becoming dispaired, upset, dis-repaired
Nobody wants to bring me in to a breathe of fresh air
I have applied at what seems like a thousand locations
They all tell me they've got nothing, to go on vacation

I need to be hired to make some cash flow
It would be nice to have a job so my pockets could grow
I'm starting to feel a little bit down
Staring at my shoes and looking for a sound

I find no positive answers, no one hires me
I have a high school diploma, was that a waste of a tree?
I have plenty of spare time to write my poetry
And let other people know about my life, they know it's me

I'm eager to start, I am eager to work, but I have encountered nothing but jerks.

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Jesse Tampa Popularity

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