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DO not DO that
do Not be YOU.

In this world of inform and standard

Tell me again your pretty lies.
Say them softly in my ear,
Lie to me again and again.
Never know truth or honesty,

Overlooking the valley,
Filled with such bright light!
Not the warm sun glow no,
But the fires that burn.

Who do you see when you look at me?
Do you see joyful laughs and happy smiles, and think oh what a pretty doll we see?
Do you see the hidden tear and frightful fears, and shake your head and that broken thing?
Broken doll or Barbie doll, which do I appear?


I am Valid!

Every thought, every feeling, everything is valid!
Do not discount me because you disagree.


Look around.
Do you see that place there?
What do you feel when you see it?
Is it just a plain old place,

Time has slowed,
Or is it only me?

They say some are meant for greatness,

Dear Sir,
That feeling is back. I try to pull away from the never ending tide of emotions. Those white caps crash apoun me knocking me from my safe haven. Inkiness overwhelms me blocking out my forward sight. To drift away no longer to fear.

THat feeling is back. It whips through me stealing my breath, my cry escapes but is not heard over the screaming streams. That onces gentle breeze has turned on me. No longer offering a warm embrace.

I can hear it now.
That mystic tap.
I can hear it's soothing sound.
I see it falling lightly around,

Lost with in my dreams.
They start so lovely, filled with peace, love, and happiness.
Sweet dreams of moments we have shared. Loving smiles and cherished laughs.
Strong warm embraces brought calm thoughts of peace.

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I love to write! Most of the time they are just musing from my mind but every now and again some special spark will help me to transform these musing to something extra, which i hope you will enjoy. I have many intrest in life that fill me with joy, but if i could make a living of dreaming I would! :) I find that the complex nature of people puzzles me the most in life. Although i think of my self as a simple complex person I am not sure that I even understand myself but try hard to do so i hope that i never do. I am a mother of three who enjoys the insanity of motherhood.)

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DO not DO that
do Not be YOU.

In this world of inform and standard
we preach to be ones self,
when the truth beyond the words are....
NO be all the same.
We talk of peace and loving
each others differences,
but that is what separates us
and has created the fear and hate.

A little boy filled with dreams and aspirations
looking forward to the new day,
until that moment when his heart is crushed
by other to shortsighted too see his gift.

A day dreamer laying on the grass
creating art within the clouds
until the pain of the chanting
at the school that they are odd
or weird become way too much

So while the indidvuals hide their light away
and conform to those around them,
the world becomes grey,
the dreams far and distant
and we weep at the loss
of wonder and beauty.

So next time you look at someone
a bit different than you
and sneer or be rude...
remember that soon because of you
each day you have left and
what you leave to your children
will be less and less
until there is only the same.

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Amos O. Ojwang' 09 August 2014

I like the diction as depicted in each line of the poem. The theme is also quite significant to the present moment. Generally the work is great and I have to thank you for the creativity. Please write more, more and more. Kudos

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Amber Griggs 05 February 2014

FOUND YOU! ! ! :))))))) TEEHEE! I have no idea how to make you my friend on here...

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