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Why, Lord? Oh Why?

Her tears, falling fast, chorused down her cheeks
As she rushed to her room, her dear Lord to seek.

She threw herself down onto her bed

Do You Ever Wonder Why?

Do you ever feel like you were in the darkest night?
And you thought you had no hope of ever finding light?
Well, Jesus is the answer, He'll calm your every fear.
He'll give you light in the dark and wipe away your tear.

A Typical Day Of Babysitting

I try to write,
But it doesn't work.
A little girl wants me.
'Deh-ta! ' she calls

A Colouring Book Lesson

A little blonde-haired girl was glad
That she was sitting by her dad.

She was looking through her book

Lemonade Love

Love is something that binds and it holds,
tying together two as a whole.
It's something that helps you find joy in the rain,
acts as a cushion when life sends you pain.

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