Jessica Thomas Poems

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I thought some things never changed
I didn't think all horizons expanded
Only certain things seemed to falter
The others seemed too perfect to alter

For My Grandfather

I miss you so much
I wish I could’ve been there
I wish I could’ve seen you
I wanted to say goodbye

Is My End Near?

Need to move

Please Remember

Please remember
I'll love you forever
Through good times and bad
Yet it may not show when I'm mad

The Void

Inside myself I'm all alone
This girl has been spared no storm
The pain is often too great to bear
Yet in the lonliness I am aware

Emotional Maturity

My life seems ordinary, so dull and drab
I'm caught between choices, which one to grab
Integrity and stability as I mature
The girl inside craves to be nutured


There are colors everywhere
All about colors you may not care
Some are pretty some are light
Some perhaps as dark as night

Ode To Spring Weather

Sun beaming, the sky's blue and bright
Hear the birds singing with all their might
Spring is here and summer's coming
Flowers growing from the ground still muddy

Strength And Peace

I heard the words a long time ago
And to this world I'll unfold
Something inside me gives me the words
To pick up my pieces and wield my sword

The Huntress

Oh the tantalizing tiger

You make me feel on fire