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Note: can be sung with (Let's talk about love, celin dion)

Every day comes

At long last

I've been trying to lay aside
Erase you from my mind

You put me in to the light
When sadness and cry
All the time are being found
You hold my hand when I'm down

Note: must be sung with evanescence (Breathe no more)

I've been so lonely for so long

Note: can be sung with Richard Marx's(Right here witting for you):

Pain in side of me growing day after day
Broken heart is destined to me wherever I run


Pain, it's pain, it's all because of you
And now you're leaving, like nothing's been
Hurt after hurt, I'm bleeding since I was born
And don't know why, you play with my heart as a game

You broke my heart
Now you think I'll fall apart
No my star will shine again
While yours is lost in dark

Note: must be sung with Bryan Adams (Please forgive me)

I still think of you through all these years

Once you have touched
My both soulless hands
Once you have touched
My broken heart

Once I've opened my eyes in this world
Once I knew you'd come with the right
You are the one I should believe and die for

I'll be always there for you

Here we are
On the light of moon together

Broken hearts, beaten souls
Tears still on the cheeks
I've tried to stop 'em but I never could
I kept you away from sadness and crying

Just for a second
Wait a moment
Before our being comes a past
Gathering be a memory

I've got the power in me, and demand what's been forbidden
Never thought this would be seen, Hands rise up not to be given
Now I'm leaving my fears behind, pleased to set your bullets inside
To give the freedom to my child, and add to our history a pride

You're trapped in a circle
In a room without angles
Just looking for an exit
But you're lost in maze

Wait a moment, don't lay aside
Take your time, to reconsider
You're out there, not gonna be alright
I was such a fool, for letting go of you

I sit down to write a song
But find no words of something I've ever felt
It's about millions on a part of earth never get

Oh girl, there's no more time to waste
Cause life goes on
Age grows old and is close to end
Time won't wait till we could fix it

Never thought it would be Like this
That life could finally set a smile upon my face
But although, this lie I would not like to miss
At least I had a hope I'd like still chase

It's been a while, dads, moms, sons, and daughters are in a wide
All eyes can see, Indifference, bloodshed, tears, and fear are all around
Brothers I can't ask for forgiveness, I don't even dare
Among your tribe, you're being bombed, and the screams of infants couldn't make them even try

Jihad T Biography

Well i'm Jihad 27 years old and i'm a michanical engineering assistent i started writing poems when i was 17 and by time i improved myself and authorship i'm looking to to make progress by melodizing my poems and songs by finding some one who's talent in music.)

The Best Poem Of Jihad T

My Faith

Note: can be sung with (Let's talk about love, celin dion)

Every day comes
Every sun shine that I see
There's a hope to reach
A dream to come true

With every tear I drop
My faith is growing up
I believe that all I've got
Has been come once agreed by God

The sorrows will die
When the true love spreads through
No matters the hard of yesterday
It's for tomorrow, we have to long
Cos the thousands miles fade away, when you move a step

Let's all raise hands
Let's open our hearts
Let's all be thanking, To God for good

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Olugbenga Ayoola 26 March 2009

i really like your peom.pls keep on writing

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