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I stood in the middle of the poetry,
We move forward to the wise house
Where all soul of the bard laid heads

Oh! You lonely heart
Sick on stone of love
Gaze million of love past

From the sprout of buds to the wither of the leaf
From spring of the river to the dry of the river
From the man birth rate to the man death rate
From the sunny of the day to darkness of the day

Am hill- Billy man
Who sat on crest in north with bliss
And dim light war in east
Who took west yolk from cave

I sat on treetop of the world like a bird nest
Looking the celestial bird on the sky of the world
Fly from north to south with wings
And wind blow gently to our nation with peace

He was a man of hero
A man of choice
Who pass through the world darkness
And sacrifice his two son for his land

The mighty one I know
Who speak and command the earth,
Who summon the sun in their palace,
You are the father for all creators,

If heaven descent fire winds
Where all soul will stay
If land is mortal, where grass will live
And if whole days is somber

I will call your name, skepi,
I will pronounce your name, skepi
Skepi, your name is like honey bread
In the inner of my heart

The interment of Abacha was a mystery
The sky smiling to the rainbow
The thunderbolt sparkles here and there
The winds blew and toast all things

So, this how world is going
The sun and the moon change to black
White and black ambivalent themselves
So, this world is going to an end

From cool to the hot weather
From sunny to the raining season
From light to the darkness hour
From strength to the weak minute

Thou my mother
You re the driver of my car
In you palm I cry and I laugh
Your rapper is my urine cleaner

I will call your name, skepi
I will proclaim your name skepi
Skepi, your name is like honey bread in my lip
Which dropp me bounce joy in my heart always

The race is end
The shadow are cover the earth
And the moon is moonless
Star also is starless

The world of wicked is world of evil
Their act makes life to be empty
And their poison is poison of sickness
So, the heart of wickedness is evil

Tear of warrior is like stone of death
In the heart of township man
Where mercy denial sinner
And dry bone calling death

Oh! My people
Wind of last night
Was sullen in our hamlet
Is a bitter wind of albino

Man did not fear man
But the hero fear death of hero
By the dangerous thunder sword
Thro his shine sword and bright eyes

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well, am native of sagamu, i was born in 1983 in ogun state, i attend pramary school among the oldest school in nigerial during the colonial master, also i attend secondry school at makun high school in 1998, i finish my secondry school in 2006, now am moshood abiola polytechnic at abeokuta, am study mass comm, i had develop my heart deeply in poem writer.which mean creating writing.now am try how to furthermore my education to university.pls any help call me on this nos 08069844940

The Best Poem Of Olugbenga Ayoola.O

The Wise House

I stood in the middle of the poetry,
We move forward to the wise house
Where all soul of the bard laid heads
Under the precious stone of the wisdom
Where million of head obtain knowledge
And their pen is mightier than sword
Their paper is stronger than stone
Under the feet of the creatures
A place where winds of knowledge blow
And the light of wisdom shines
I shall put my pen on the stone of nations
O my paper shall white than snow

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Oluwole Michael 16 May 2009

You're really writing sense...You're portraying......just keep doing what soothe your soul man....Good lyrics........communicating

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focus and determination of the snail that make the snail to achieve without no bone.

maturity is a seniority in any level you find yourself in life.

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