Jim Richardson

Rookie (120833 / Clinchco, Virginia)

Jim Richardson Poems

1. Could You 2/16/2007
2. The Last Bell 2/18/2007
3. Write Me A Sonnet 6/22/2008
4. Against The Wind 6/22/2008
5. Shadows 7/18/2008
6. Awake At Night 7/18/2008
7. Just Think 7/18/2008
8. Twilight 7/18/2008
9. The Rain 7/18/2008
10. A Moment Ago 9/2/2008
11. Do With Me As You Will 3/28/2007
12. Wine 3/28/2007
13. What Of My Fate 1/29/2007
14. Maybe 1/29/2007
15. Almighty 1/29/2007
16. A Voice 2/13/2007
17. Charles, A Man's Man 2/13/2007
18. O' Death 2/13/2007
19. Madness 2/13/2007
20. Journey 1/20/2007
Best Poem of Jim Richardson


I desire to take a journey
To content my wandering soul,
I have a passion for a land
On some high and windy Knoll.

Some isolated parcel known
Only unto God,
A small portion of heaven
Where no mortal has ever trod.

Lord, take me on this journey,
Direct my step in where to go,
Hasten my pace O'Lord, I'm
Moving much too slow.

I have this urgent need to press
Onward o'er thy path,
Hurry Lord, spare me from
Thy awful wrath.

Lord, let me speak in tongues
That I may know its you,
Indulge me Lord, to kiss thy feet
At ...

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What Of My Fate

The stream was glistening in
the morning air
Watching for a moment I
began to stare.

The gentle breeze made
crystals of light
And seeing such beauty my
mind grew quite.

My spirit traversed to a
solemn state
And I ask the Lord what
of my fate.

Jim Richardson

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