Jim Yerman

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Jim Yerman Poems

241. I Wonder About Courage 7/20/2016
242. Father In The Mirror 7/21/2016
243. Some Things I Cannot See 7/22/2016
244. Within The Pages Of A Book 7/23/2016
245. Everything I Ever Wanted 7/24/2016
246. How Many Times 7/25/2016
247. Success 7/26/2016
248. Kindness Dominoes 7/27/2016
249. Remember When 7/28/2016
250. Not So Easy To Erase 7/29/2016
251. I Wake Up With A Smile 7/30/2016
252. Another Lovely Day 7/31/2016
253. But A Candle 8/1/2016
254. To Stand Out In The Rain 8/2/2016
255. In A Painting By Monet 8/5/2016
256. A Garden In The Heart 8/5/2016
257. When I Die.. 8/6/2016
258. Music In The Air 8/8/2016
259. Friendship Is Enough 8/9/2016
260. Love Enchants 8/10/2016
261. Making A Wish 8/11/2016
262. Shooting Star 8/12/2016
263. Mh Favorite Time Of Day 8/13/2016
264. What Are We To Do? 8/14/2016
265. Oh How We Mourn 8/15/2016
266. The Best Things In Life... 8/16/2016
267. I Love The Moon 8/17/2016
268. Memories 8/18/2016
269. Angels 8/19/2016
270. Grandma's Wishes 8/20/2016
271. Umbrella In The Rain 8/21/2016
272. Poetry In Motion 8/22/2016
273. The Child I Used To Be 8/23/2016
274. A Dragon Neath My Bed 8/24/2016
275. Times I Don't Know What To Say 8/26/2016
276. Laughter 8/27/2016
277. The Heart Of The Earth 8/28/2016
278. Love- Things I Do Not Know 8/29/2016
279. Politicians 8/30/2016
280. Takes My Breath Away 8/31/2016
Best Poem of Jim Yerman

A Crooked Old Tree

There was once an ancient Chinese philosopher sitting under a crooked old tree
Who spoke on the subject of judging others, and how we need to think differently.

“When this tree was younger, ” he said, “it caused many people to gape
It was covered with bulges and its trunk and branches were contorted way out of shape.

Master carpenters, the ones who use wood in the ships and the homes they create
Were not looking for wood that was twisted, they needed their wood to be straight.

When they looked at the gnarly and misshapen branches displayed in this crooked old ...

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The Mirror

When I look into the mirror I’m appalled at what I see
I do not recognize that person who is looking back at me.

I know I’m better looking, you can be assured of that.
I wonder, then, who this is, who I am looking at?

I know I look much younger and I certainly have more hair
So I can’t possibly be that person looking at me over there.

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