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241. I Wonder About Taking Chances 6/27/2016
242. I Wonder About Freedom 6/28/2016
243. I Woner About Sadness 6/29/2016
244. I Wonder About Elephants 6/30/2016
245. Dying Wish 7/17/2016
246. Happiness 7/17/2016
247. Kindness 7/17/2016
248. I Wonder About Shadows 7/17/2016
249. I Wonder About The United States 7/17/2016
250. Nature Reveals The Answer 7/17/2016
251. The Innocence Of Children 7/17/2016
252. I Wonder About My Ability To Imagine 7/17/2016
253. The Cost Of Living 7/17/2016
254. Do Not Speak Of Hate 7/17/2016
255. Love Is Unconditional 7/17/2016
256. Do Not Be Fooled By Hate 7/17/2016
257. No One Left To Kill 7/17/2016
258. I Wonder About Wishes 7/17/2016
259. Taking Love For Granted 7/17/2016
260. Familhy Tree 7/17/2016
261. I Love Watching People Dance 7/17/2016
262. I Wonder About Jealousy 7/18/2016
263. Word Game 7/19/2016
264. I Wonder About Courage 7/20/2016
265. I Wopnder About My Hand 5/2/2016
266. I Wonder About Love 5/3/2016
267. I Wonder More About Mothers 5/4/2016
268. I Wonder About A Mother's Hands 5/5/2016
269. I Wonder How To Define A Mother 5/6/2016
270. I Wonder About A Mother's Delivery 5/7/2016
271. I Wonder About A Mother's Love 5/8/2016
272. I Wonder About True Friends 5/9/2016
273. I Wonder About This Moment 5/10/2016
274. I Wonder Why We Hope 5/11/2016
275. I Wonder About The Joy On A Child's Face 5/12/2016
276. I Wonder About War 5/13/2016
277. I Wonder About Good Vs Evil 5/15/2016
278. I Wonder Abou Stars 5/16/2016
279. I Wonder What Might Have Been 5/17/2016
280. I Wonder If We're At A Crossroad 5/18/2016

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Best Poem of Jim Yerman

Love Nest

I recently ran across a list Deborah and I created long ago
It contained the dreams for our perfect house...our ideal bungalow.

We called it our North Carolina Love Nest and it was to be our creed
For we thought, on this paper, we listed everything we'd need.

Everything to keep us contented, our personal honeycomb
Everything our minds could think of...to make a happy home.

We were young and innocent back then...and our dreams...unlimited and grand
But despite our best intentions...life didn't go the way we planned.

You see we never built our dream ...

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I Do

We recently attended a beach wedding and it came with a wonderful view
As the happy couple getting married smiled and said I do.

It’s been 25 years, yes a lifetime…one we often like to review
Since in a little church in Dunedin, Deborah and I said I do.

Brenda and Carol are two close friends and this one fact is true
They’ve been together as long as Deborah and I, but have never said I do.

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