Joanne Monte

Joanne Monte Poems

1. Carolyn In The Kitchen, Baking 2/9/2017
2. The Olive Tree 2/9/2017
3. The Moon Garden 2/9/2017
4. Every Night In December 2/9/2017
5. From A Photographer's War Journal 10/4/2006
6. Rings Of Passage 5/18/2012
7. When We Haven'T Said Goodbye 5/15/2012
8. The Hurricane 10/4/2006
9. The Light By Its Creation 4/29/2004
10. The Monument 5/21/2004
11. For The Woman In Quandary 4/24/2006
12. The Betrayal 3/13/2011
13. The Dark Secret Borne 6/17/2004
14. Letters From Women Given Up For Adoption At Birth 10/4/2006
15. At A Sidewalk Cafe 9/19/2004
16. Displacement 6/17/2004
17. Eight-Fifteen 5/31/2004
18. River 5/31/2004
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The river below us:
nitrogen, phosphorous, petrochemicals,
dioxin from the paper mills,
a rich buffet of metals digested
from the mines, and still we remain
oblivious to its symptoms

until a skull-and-crossbones sign warns
of the poisons that run the course
of its slim body, writhing like a patient
on a gurney, admitted for treatment;

warns too, of its offspring
in the waiting room: soft-shell crabs, oysters,
the striped bass, the silk fillet,
and the trout we want to bring home
to the sizzle of butter and garlic
and the...

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(a.m.) the city
was split by lightning,
stripped down to bone, and tortured,
its flesh lashed by flames…

I was beggared,
wearing the rags of loose skin,
hanging like pockets lined with blood.

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