At A Sidewalk Cafe Poem by Joanne Monte

At A Sidewalk Cafe

Rating: 4.4

An ordinary morning―
awakening to nothing but daylight
prodding through the eggshell-tinted blinds
and the warm quilts to be tossed back
in which sleepers all over the city
groan, burying themselves deeper
into the sheets of oblivion.

Downstairs, the sidewalk café beckons
with the daily choices to be made: trays
of napoleons, parfait glasses filled
with strawberry cream, and the two-sided list
of coffees that patrons pour over
in their passion: the golden warmth of hazelnut,
the richness of Colombian,
the full-bodied Java―
even that everyday flirtation with espresso
and its bittersweet aftertaste,
an attraction so innocuous it seems,
that I wonder what quirks of fate
endear us to our choices in the end―
however invariable the consequences.

Max Reif 16 November 2005

If only for 'eggshell-tinted blinds' and 'sheets of oblivion', this is a fine work. And it's *not* only that, of course.

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Don Mcwilliams 01 March 2008

Beautiful, razor sharp celebration of the glorious minutiae that fill our world. Regards, Don

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David Wood 18 April 2013

Sheets of oblivion, a wonderful vivid account of that moment of bliss just before you get up. My poem New Day is similar. Very good write.

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Savita Tyagi 03 February 2014

In an casual cheerful morning a question what quirks of fate endear us to our choices pulls us towards deeper contemplation. Enjoyed the poem very much.

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Ramesh Rai 26 September 2013

A morning brings fresh air, fresh hope for a cheerful day. enjoyed your write.

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Heather Wilkins 22 September 2013

upon awakening a hot drink seems to be a must to get us going for the day nicely written poem.

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Ken E Hall 13 May 2013

A frozen glimps of time in everyones life waking and the delightful coffee shop encounter all wrapped up in a original poem so nice to read...regards

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Patricia Grantham 29 April 2013

I really enjoyed this poem. Just waking up in the morning is good enough, smelling and tasting fresh coffee makes it even better. A delightful write.

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