Displacement Poem by Joanne Monte


Rating: 4.3

Entering the garden,
I notice the rhododendron,
the platinum pearl, that had displaced
the unwanted vines of bittersweet
tangled around the throat of the honeysuckle,

as though the blossoms
had as much a rightful deed to be rooted
as the dove tree, hanging its branches
over the frame of the border,
not native to the land at all.

But the tree itself, untouched
in its mural of sun and partial shade,
and envied by its resolve to take the brunt
of radical weather, still struggled
in its purpose to remain in its quadrant,

eyed by yew hedges and stones,
its limbs heavy with the flesh of leaves
like the arms of a mother in wartime,
carrying her child on a sinuous path

to the border,
to the tent pitched under ice,
falling on her knees into an arrangement
as though for once she need not move,
as though finding in that reprieve
a sanctuary, or an almost perfect peace.

But if to be spared,
if to move across that border
and find the dove tree astonishingly depleted
but still rooted to its site,
is this, then, the law of continuity?

I look away
from what has been transplanted,
removed and replaced: the sidelong glance
of the rocks, piercing and upsetting
as if the unpolished stones
had been violated, and thrown
by demons into the fire
of all that had been uprooted in its time.

V P Mahur 28 February 2014

Nice one. great read Thanks Plz visit my page and give some comments on my poems

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Barry Middleton 13 August 2016

A delightful poem. Too bad the poet stopped posting. I give her a 10 though she will likely never know.

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Patricia Grantham 29 April 2013

What a wonderful piece of poetry. Just taking the time to really observe nature is one of the most beautiful things that a person can do. It really touched my heart and senses. Thanks for sharing.

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Shahzia Batool 10 May 2013

One can see and feel your attachment with nature! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

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Marvin Brato 09 January 2014

Nature is God's creation for humans t live and enjoy...let us not corrupt it!

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Bharati Nayak 13 August 2019

A lovely write on which I gave comment one year back.Congratulations being chosen as the Poet of the Day!

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Lyn Paul 13 August 2019

With a love for gardening I enjoyed your poem and also read this time last year. The rhododendrons are amazing.

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Malabika Ray Choudhury 13 August 2019

Congratulations - a really beautiful poem depicting the beauty of nature with an exceptional insight!

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Chinedu Dike 13 August 2019

Well thought out and nicely brought forth with insight. Thanks for sharing, Joanne.

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Ratnakar Mandlik 13 August 2019

An excellent nature poem throwing light on nurturing of different trees in garden along with transplantation of a few for their healthy growth and the aura exerted by the nature as also trees on the onlookers visiting it. Congratulations on well deserved poem of the Day.

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