Love Letter To Jesus (My Savior) Poem by Jocelyn Dunbar

Love Letter To Jesus (My Savior)

I found myself in your care on the day of my loss, uncertainties,
Sorrows, struggles, difficulties, and hurts. You comforted me
And you listened to every word I said. You gave your time to me.
You knew the sincerity of my heart. You gave me the courage to
Bear the heavy load of life. You gave me consideration to live,
Make a new start.

You taught me to rely on you. You show me what you can do.
I can not change the life that has been occurred
From the here and now;
Instead, you allowed me to live each day.
To fix and fit the situation and condition of life and find the way.
What a wonderful you are; in you, I found the completeness of
My existence and the sense of my importance living being.

Loving, living with you; I can not describe words,
It is a journey of loving and faith, knowing my savior is so alive in
Spirit here in my soul. Whatever a hurtful experience is done by
An evil that I encountered in my whole life, I knew your hand's Moves according to your plan.

My heart trusted you; I love you so much. You first love me
Unconditionally despite my weaknesses. I am so secure,
Your love never changes.

My sincere prayer is; when my life is over,
Could you welcome me to live with you in heaven?

Love Joy

© Jocelyn Dunbar
14 February 2018
12: 43 PM

Friday, February 23, 2018
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J Of Nazareth 23 February 2018

I will exempt you from your sins. You must continue to be good and give your money to my only church, ie Roman Catholic. A failure will result in going to. Money is no use to you now or in transcending.

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Jocelyn Dunbar 17 March 2018

We must work hard to practice by doing good and by helping people in need. And glorify and honour the God. The God who deserve our praise.

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Jocelyn Dunbar 17 March 2018

My Saviour Jesus Christ will save me my from all my sins not human form can do that. Jesus teaching in Mathew that share your riches to the poor so that they give praise and glory to God. Do not store up riches for yourselves here on earth.

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Jocelyn Dunbar

Jocelyn Dunbar

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