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Hey there, I am Jodie. I am a 31 year old mother of four brilliant children. I love reading, though its not something I can easily find time for, and listening to music. Music is the most important thing in the world to me (people arent things!) and I wouldnt make it through the day without it. I have an amazing husband who knows me better than I ...

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Princess Lilypad 01 September 2013

A well rounded poet with looming awareness and spot on conceptualization. Good reads from Jodie hardy!

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The Old Cloak

You wear it like an old black cloak
It smothers the light within.
Wherever you go, it's always there
Keeping out the good people bring.
However your feeling it weighs you down,
Heavily present thick fog makes it hard to breathe
Hard to talk and impossible to leave behind!

It wasn't always this way,
Though too long has passed now
It's difficult to remember a time before.
Before the burden of it all.
However, it has been different once
It will be again, Just have faith.
Believe in your inner lights ability to shine.

Outshine the fear,
Leave behind the self doubt,
Take off the old cloak
It never served you any good.
Speak to anyone who'll listen.
Forget the fog, don't let it hold you back now
You have come so far, don't stop... don't stop now!

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Jodie Hardy Popularity

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