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You wear it like an old black cloak
It smothers the light within.
Wherever you go, it's always there
Keeping out the good people bring.

There it stands
Never moving less the wind blows
In my mind it stands tall and strong
A visual marker of the time since you passed

Your eyes glistening as does the ocean on a summer's day
Rain falls around us, you enfold me in your leather coat
Time stops as you hold me in your arms and time stops
Ten years or so have passed and here we are still


The road is long and I am weak
I get swept off my feet
There is a wave it carries me
I feel strong now I believe

Not very far away from the town
Just away from the hustle of the high street
I sit in my favourite spot beside the canal
It's so peaceful still there is pleanty to see


You are young, the world lies at your feet
All you are missing is a sense of belief
Anything you covet anywhere you want to go
Is within your reach, Just choose the road


My heart stops...
Then speeds away faster than a bullet from a gun
Ringing, beating pounding through me like screams of terror
Paralysed by panic and lost in time all consuming fear blinds me

Pen to paper, thumb to keypad
Stream of consciousness
It's been a while since I've done that
So long I've forgotten where to start.

Where do I go when I disappear
When my memory fails
When my eyes are blank though wide as a cold winters full moon;
Just as all-seeing and unfeeling.

My mind is full
all the way to the top
Words are waiting
waiting to drop

The history book has no ending
It lays open until the next page shows its self
The chapter you deemed the ending is simply a resting place
The past is not a vault with a lock and key, safely keeping things inside

As the old house on the hill
Where ghost hunters dare
I am haunted too
You stay with me


A simple strand
Hair tied in ribbon
The bond
Has no description

Chip... chip... chip... CLUNK!
There falls another piece,
Careless words fly through the air.
The mighty chisel fiercely breaking down the wall of mystery,


Holding the hot rock of hope with one hand,
Refusing to let go despite the screaming of the raw skin,
How can I go on with only one hand,
Practically disabling myself.


Full moon rises over the glimmering ocean blue,
Out shining all the stars, brightening the sky anew.
From here on the surf tormented shore a carpet of white leads me to the horizon.
Where on tiptoes and with outstretched arms I could touch the sky,

You see me and assume I'm here
You talk to me and think I hear
But I may as well be an illusion
I can't manage a conversation

Our freedom we sometimes take for granted
Though freedom doesn't come for free
We live in debt to those who serve
Those we love but cannot see

Time will not heal as it often does
Nothing can be salvaged from the ruins
All hope has left; it flew away with the words
The ones that shattered the lives of all who heard them


The pride that fills my heart multiplies as you grow
Everyday a new achievement, you learn and mature
The world is a playground and life is our teacher
My love and admiration for you will never end

Jodie Hardy Biography

Hey there, I am Jodie. I am a 31 year old mother of four brilliant children. I love reading, though its not something I can easily find time for, and listening to music. Music is the most important thing in the world to me (people arent things!) and I wouldnt make it through the day without it. I have an amazing husband who knows me better than I know myself. My friends are the best in the world. I am extremely blessed. You may notice from the feel of some of my poems that I havent always been as happy as I am at the moment and thats due to suffering depression and anxiety in the past. Whilst I can still sometimes have bad days I feel the worst is in the past. Hope you like what Ive shared so far and I hope to share some more soon. Ive looked back at some of the things Ive posted and whilst Im not happy with some of them because Ive grown as a person and as a writer, Im going to leave them up anyway. x x)

The Best Poem Of Jodie Hardy

The Old Cloak

You wear it like an old black cloak
It smothers the light within.
Wherever you go, it's always there
Keeping out the good people bring.
However your feeling it weighs you down,
Heavily present thick fog makes it hard to breathe
Hard to talk and impossible to leave behind!

It wasn't always this way,
Though too long has passed now
It's difficult to remember a time before.
Before the burden of it all.
However, it has been different once
It will be again, Just have faith.
Believe in your inner lights ability to shine.

Outshine the fear,
Leave behind the self doubt,
Take off the old cloak
It never served you any good.
Speak to anyone who'll listen.
Forget the fog, don't let it hold you back now
You have come so far, don't stop... don't stop now!

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Princess Lilypad 01 September 2013

A well rounded poet with looming awareness and spot on conceptualization. Good reads from Jodie hardy!

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