Jodie Phillips Poems

Hit Title Date Added
Who Can I Trust? (1989)

Who can I trust with my deepest secrets?
Who can I trust when my world falls apart?
When everyone's lying and deceiving
Who can i trust with my heart?

Getting To Know Me (2007)

I think I am loved
And then I think not
I hide my true feelings
And then feel distraught

Get Over It (1989)

I wish I knew
What I could do
to repay this debt
Because the feelings

Go Ahead And Run (1989)

When times get rough
He says be tough -
Don't cry, control yourself,
Put hate upon the shelf.

Swords Can'T Cry (1991)

I was forced to fight
In someone else's war.
He held to me tight
And made me kill some more.

I'M Back! (2007)

Out of the darkness
Out of the pain
Out of the fog
Out of the rain

Our Army Guy (2007)

When you became 'Our Army Guy'
You also made a friend
It did not take long to realize
On you we can depend

Extent Of My Love (2007)

I wish I could write you a love song
With a tune that would stay in your heart
Something that rhymes and lingers so long
That you'd hum it when ever we are apart

I Am My Own Hero (2007)

Who needs a hero?
Not I, I say.
I used to think so
I know better today!

Worthless (2007)

worthless person lying here
sacred husband lying near
how I hurt him, hurt his heart
tearing at mine now, tears it apart

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