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Who can I trust with my deepest secrets?
Who can I trust when my world falls apart?
When everyone's lying and deceiving
Who can i trust with my heart?

I think I am loved
And then I think not
I hide my true feelings
And then feel distraught

I wish I knew
What I could do
to repay this debt
Because the feelings

When times get rough
He says be tough -
Don't cry, control yourself,
Put hate upon the shelf.

I was forced to fight
In someone else's war.
He held to me tight
And made me kill some more.

Out of the darkness
Out of the pain
Out of the fog
Out of the rain

When you became 'Our Army Guy'
You also made a friend
It did not take long to realize
On you we can depend

I wish I could write you a love song
With a tune that would stay in your heart
Something that rhymes and lingers so long
That you'd hum it when ever we are apart

Who needs a hero?
Not I, I say.
I used to think so
I know better today!

worthless person lying here
sacred husband lying near
how I hurt him, hurt his heart
tearing at mine now, tears it apart

Rolling hills and mountain peaks
Crossing bridges over creeks
Winding roads through plains and trees
Birds are dancing in the breeze

No longer perfect
Expected to be perfect
How do I respond?

What if the wall had some windows
Sunlight could come shining through
You could see all the beautiful things
Waiting out there just for you

I can still feel your hands
on the small of my back
carressing my skin with love

I held a purple daisy
My tears fell down like rain
I marveled at its beauty
I shared with it my pain

Wherever I may travel
However long I’m gone
I will always think of you
Dusk on through to dawn

My will is broken
Realize my station in life
Not a heroine

His Soul filled with hatred, consumed with rage
Relationships were broken
He chose to withdrawal and just disengage
A wall built of words unspoken

How fleeting the joy was
The pain creeps back in
As hard as I’m trying
I can’t seem to win

How many days till the end will come
And our world will go to hell?
A lot of people take a guess,
But none can really tell.

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I am going through change right now. I am overcoming some painful childhood crap that I didn't even realize had affected me until I began analyzing my need to control. My 'Control Addiction' is having a negative impact on my marriage, my family, and my spirit.

Last year I had a blue butterfly with eyes in the wings tattooed on my upper back.

The butterfly is a symbol of change, growth, and joy. Life is an ever changing thing. If our minds and hearts are open, we can make new choices every day. We have the power to transform our own lives every moment of every day. Every choice we make, every change we allow enables us to grow into the person we are meant to and want to be. Through growth into our true selves, we can find true joy.

Blue is the color that speaks to me the most. It represents peace, calm, stability, security, and loyalty. These are attributes I want to remind myself of daily, striving to sincerely attain them.

Eyes are the gateway to the soul. They are also a symbol of our awareness. I enter this changing time in my life with full awareness, observing my surroundings and taking responsibility for my choices.

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Who Can I Trust? (1989)

Who can I trust with my deepest secrets?
Who can I trust when my world falls apart?
When everyone's lying and deceiving
Who can i trust with my heart?

Should I trust no one but myself?
To keep my life I must be circumspect.
Keeping quiet, telling no one but God,
He already knows the effect.

I'll never believe the people again,
The people who have hurt me once before.
The saddest part is I'll never be trusting
Of anyone any more.

How can I be certain that I won't be hurt?
How could someone hide themselves so well?
When everyone's lying and deceiving,
How can anyone tell?

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Jodie Phillips Popularity

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