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I've got some requests Lord,
I hope you don't mind,
just a short list,
if you be so kind.

Little boy sitting by the pond,
I feel the same way
on this sunny afternoon;
should I sit here or should I play.

I knocked on your door
there was no reply
you wouldn't answer
and I wondered why

Hello England my old friend,
it's time to celebrate again.
We left you many years ago,
and every year we stage a show.

I've flown high on poles
on hills over towns;
stood watch next to headstones
on green hallowed grounds.

My list of friends is getting shorter,
not as long as it used to be.
Friends I've known from long ago,
have been taken away from me.


I carry on like before
no one knows but me
the pain I feel deep inside
the hurt no one can see


Sticks and stones may break some bones,
but unkind words hurt much more;
cause deep, invisible, emotional wounds,
that hurt some people to the core.

Had a bout with cancer,
a few short years ago.
I beat it to a pulp,
and told it where to go.

We came to Nam to serve,
young men, and women too,
volunteered and drafted,
most straight out of school.

I miss you so very much
it's been forever so it seems
I can't get over missing you
I see you in my dreams

Deep in thought
with friends nearby,
ducks that swim
and birds that fly.

Would you like to join me for a walk?
I'd like the company.
Saw a photo in a magazine,
inviting you and me.

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My Prayer

I've got some requests Lord,
I hope you don't mind,
just a short list,
if you be so kind.

It's not in any order,
I just jotted them down;
things that need fixing,
as I look around.

I've got friends who are sick
with cancer and such,
please heal them Lord,
with your loving touch.

Give them the strength Lord,
to beat their disease
Cure my dear friends Lord,
I'm begging you please.

Our country's divided,
left against right,
nothing to agree on,
all they do is fight.

Please bring them together,
show them the way,
to do what's right Lord,
for the USA.

People are suffering,
in countries war torn,
Some have known war,
since the day they were born.

No food, no water,
the ground for a bed.
Living in anguish,
and nothing is said.

Persecutions go on,
people suffer and die,
for what they believe,
and no one asks why.

Terrorists, drug lords,
despotic regimes,
creating nightmares,
and crushing dreams.

I know You see it,
the suffering and pain,
intervene dear Lord,
give them peace again.

Your poor are suffering,
they're everywhere.
Children go hungry,
and have nothing to wear.

Help them Lord,
you know their needs,
ease their grief,
please heed my pleas.

Families escaping,
with nowhere to go,
just clothes on their backs,
and children in tow.

Help them Lord,
make someone see,
and put an end,
to this tragedy.

Homeless people,
out on the street,
no place to call home,
they have nothing to eat.

They look for handouts,
from those who walk by;
most people go past,
without blinking an eye.

Some are veterans,
who struggle each day,
with terrible dreams,
that won't go away.

Ease their suffering,
and ease their pain,
help them get back,
on their feet again.

Bless my friends,
and my family too.
This dear Lord,
I ask of you.

Thank you Lord

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