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Sarpedon's Speech To Glaucus, In The Twelfth Book Of Homer

Thus to Glaucus spake
Divine Sarpedon, since he did not find
Others, as great in place, as great in mind:--

Cooper's Hill

Sure there are poets which did never dream
Upon Parnassus, nor did taste the stream
Of Helicon; we therefore may suppose

To Sir John Mennis,

All on a weeping Monday,
With a fat vulgarian sloven,
Little admiral John


Such is our pride, our folly, or our fate,
That few but such as cannot write, translate.
But what in them is want of art or voice,

The Passion Of Dido For Aeneas

Having at large declared Jove's embassy,
Cyllenius from Aeneas straight doth fly;
He, loth to disobey the god's command,

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Sir John Denham (1614 or 1615 – 19 March 1669) was an English poet and courtier. He served as Surveyor of the King's Works and is buried in Westminster Abbey.

Denham was born in Dublin to Sir John Denham, judge and Chief Baron of the Exchequer of Ireland, and his second wife Eleanor. He was educated at Trinity College, Oxford and at Lincoln's In ...

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